5 Ways To Remove The Write Protection of USB, Pen Drive & SD Card

How To Remove Write Protection From Sd Card, Pendrive & USB Device:

How to Remove write Protection
Remove Write Protection from USB, Pen Drive and SD Card

In general, most USB storage devices like flash memory or pen drive provide a write protection button. It will prevent data from being modified from the computer to which it is connected or even copied or cut in the computer. By unlocking the write protection button we can copy or paste the data from the pen drive.

Nowadays many of the pen drives do not provide any write protection button in place of that. They are using some kind of software to lock or unlock the storage USB. In general, a normal pen drive usually carries write protection sd card format software in order to protect from viruses. In some cases, these protections are difficult to remove from the storage unit. There are many ways to eliminate USB write protection, here we are discussing the best possible ways to eliminate write protection on a USB storage drive.

How To Remove USB Write protection:

write protection removal software

Here we are explaining to you what are the 5 ways to remove write protection from USB in details. You can use these 5 methods and remove the USB write protection simple. The five methods are as follows

  • Using Registry Editor of PC
  • Format The USB Storage Drive Before The Operating System Starts
  • Using Command Prompt Mode
  • Remove Low-Formatted USB Write Protection
  • Modifying The Options In The Local Group Policy

These are best and 100% working Ways to Remove the Write Projection from the USB. Just make sure to follow proper instructions in each method.

Method 1: Use the Registry Editor of the PC to Eliminate The Writing Protection Pen Drive:

The first method which we use to remove the USB write projection is the Registry Editor Method. Check with the below steps

  • The first thing we must do is connect the device to the computer via USB.
  • Access the editor of the registry of our computer through Start> Run> and type the command “regedit” and press enter (In Windows 7 or lower).
  • For all operating systems including Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 it will be better to use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + R and enter the same command “regedit” and press enter.
  • This will open a new window where we should go to “storatedevicepolicies” through the route

how to remove write protection from hp pen drive

Important Note: if the option “storatedevicepolicies” does not appear in the list, then you must create it by yourself. To do this, follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Open a new file in the notebook.
  2. Copy the following path in the new file

Finally, copy the file to the home folder. That is, to the “Storatedevicepolicies” folder. If this folder does not appear in your registry editor, you must create it. For this,

  • You have to right click on the Control folder in the left tree of the registry window.
  • Here you must create a new Password to later name it as Storagedevicepolicies.
  • After doing this you will receive a ‘writeprotect’ option on the right side.
  • Just right click on it and modify the hexadecimal value from 1 to 0.

remove write protection from usb windows 10

  • Now disconnect your pen drive, restart the computer and start using the Pen Drive from your computer without any restriction and/or protection of it.

This is How the Process of Removing the Write Protection of USB using the Registry Editor. Simple and Quite Easiest Way to Remove the USB Write Protection. Even Though you can check other methods as well.

Method 2: Format The USB Storage Drive Before The Operating System Starts:

In this method, You should Format the USB or Pendrive Storage Drive before starting the Operating system. Just check the below steps to do it.

1. The first thing we will have to do is proceed to turn off our computer.

2. Then we must proceed to connect the USB storage unit to the computer and continue with the computer’s power on.

3. While the computer is going on, we have to press the F8 key in a continuous way in order to induce the computer to the advanced start.

4. Do not select the safe mode through the keyboard, but instead, we must go to the connected USB drive as soon as the file is loaded.

5. In the beginning, you will see something similar to the following: C: \ Windows \ system32

6. Now write the drive to which the pen drive is connected.

7. For example, if the USB storage drive is connected as the ‘H’ drive and type ‘H’ and press enter.

8. Now enter H: \ format H and press the key with the letter “Y” to confirm.

how to remove write protection from sd card

We should do in the Above Format. It is also the simple Way to do. Even though you can proceed to check with the other methods as well.

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Method 3: Use The “prompt” Command to Eliminate The USB write protection:

We are going to use Command Prompt Method to eliminate the USB Write Protection with few simple steps…

1. First, we have to connect the device to the computer via USB and access the registry editor of our computer through Start> Run> and type the command “CMD” and press enter (In Windows 7 or lower).


For all operating systems including Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 it will be better to use the keyboard shortcut: Windows + R key and enter the same command ” CMD ” and press enter.

2. This will open a window with a black background. Where we will type the command: “diskpart” and press enter. This will open a New Windows.

3. In the new window, quite similar to the one described above, we will write the ” List Disk” command and press ENTER.

how to format write protected pen drive

4. This will show you some settings, select the USB memory with the command Select disk x (X must be replaced by the number that represents the PenDrive.)

5. Finally, once selected. In this window, we must enter the command attributes disk clear read only and press enter.

6.  With which we can erase the write protection of the USB storage drive. With this, you can also solve the problem like how to remove write protection on sd card windows 10.

Important Note: By using the above commands, we will be erasing all data from the storage unit. So it is better to take the backup of Data in the Storage device.

Method 4: Remove Low-Formatted USB Write Protection To Your USB Or Pen Drive:

This type of formatting is the most aggressive and after that, you will not be able to recover any type of information that your USB memory might contain. This is because the low-level format will return your Pendrive to the factory state. So we Recommend to Backup the data in the storage disk first.

In general, the write protection of a USB memory and most of the related errors are due to problems with the storage sectors of the device. The low-level formatting will return the sectors of your memory to the factory state eliminating any property or configuration that we could have configured for error. Check the Below Steps to proceed with

  • At that time, you must connect your USB memory or pen drive to your computer and this will be detected by the program.
  • Your pen drive protected against writing will be displayed in the interface of the program (not to be confused with the hard disk of your computer) here you will have to select it and click on the Continue button.
  • This will take you to the new screen where you will find several tabs. In our case, we must select the one that says: LOW-LEVEL-FORMAT.

how to remove write protection from usb windows 10

  • This will show a warning indicating that all the information that the pen drive could have, will be eliminated completely.
  • Then you must check that the Perform Quick Wipe box is UNSCHEDED.
  • Next line you will only have to click on the Format This Device button. This will start the low-level formatting process.

In this way, we will remove the Write Protection on Pendrive and USB Device Using the Low Level Format

Method 5: Modifying The Options In The Local Group Policy:

There are several options available in the Local Group Policy Editor that configure the read/write options on hard disks and USB drives connected to the system. To remove the write protection on a Pen Drive we have to change the individual configuration from “Not configured” to “Disabled“.

To get to this configuration we must follow the following steps:

  • For all operating systems including Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 it will be better to use the keyboard shortcut: Windows + R key and enter the same command “gpedit.msc” and press enter.
  • This will lead to the opening of a new window in which we must go to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Removable Storage Access ( Removable Disks).

In this configuration, we must disable all ” Deny read access/write access “.

Here you will see three files as shown below:

  1. Removable Disks: Deny execute access
  2. Next, Removable Disks: Deny read access
  3. Removable Disks: Deny write access

Double click on the files individually and click Edit. A Window will appear and from here we can change the configuration from “Not configured” to “Disabled“.

how to remove write protection from usb windows 7

Here you can also “Deny read/write access”. You can select the specific one you want to access.

This Way you have can remove the Write Protection for USB devices, Remove the Write Protection from the Pendrives and also remove the write protection from the SD Cards.


Finally, You have learned how to remove write protection from USB Devices, Pen drives and SD Cards Easily from the above 5 methods which are working 100%. Just follow the steps you can do it easily and simply. Hope you will remove the write protection from Sd cards, pen drive, and USB without any issues. If you have any issue feel free to ask your question in the comment section. We will help you out. Like us and share the article with your friends and family. Stay Tunned to Cracko for more tutorials.

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