Best Antivirus: Comparative Windows and Mac 2020 Security Software

Guide to Best Antivirus: Over the years, the threat of viruses coming from the internet is growing exponentially. The various antivirus vendors block millions of attacks of different types every day: viruses, malware, zero-day exploit, ransomware, crypto-jacking, and other hackers.

Best Antivirus
Best Antivirus 2020: Top Antivirus Reviews & Buying Advice

To secure sensitive data on a computer, a tablet or on a smartphone, it has become mandatory today to opt for the best antivirus on Windows and Mac. Here is a comparison of the antivirus market – which includes all the industry ogres worldwide like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast or AVG – which will allow you to finally find the solution that responds quickly and efficiently to your needs. security needs, on all your electronic devices.

n 2020, it is strongly recommended to opt for an antivirus to protect against the threat that comes from the internet. Below, you will find the list of the best-paid antivirus currently on the market. The associated rates are for global security solutions that go beyond basic antivirus and are required to secure all your sensitive data on your electronic devices. On the site of each publisher of the best antivirus on the market, you can also find pricing for such a product individually. Further down on this page you will find more explanations on the differences of each antivirus.

Why We Should Choose a Paid Antivirus?

As you can imagine, free antivirus is not necessarily the right solution, there is always a counterpart – and often, it is your data. Better to accept to pay an annual subscription of a few dollars for such software to ensure the seriousness of the company that publishes it, and not to see its information being resold disguised by publishers rather unscrupulous.

If you have not yet subscribed to a quality antivirus and effective, nothing serious: in fact, antivirus not only allows to do prevention, but they can also detect and clean viruses already present on a device and quarantine them. This applies as well on a computer as on a tablet or a smartphone which are also today victims of attacks. Once you have installed your software, it will then be necessary to do a complete scan of your computer and all your electronic devices (mobiles, tablets) to detect existing malicious files and quarantine them. That is to say, separate them from the rest.

Once done, the best antivirus you can find in this comparison will then be responsible for prevention by alerting you if a sensitive file found on your computer. It can analyze your computer as well as your other electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Comparative: Who Offers the Best Antivirus in 2020?

Today, leading cybersecurity companies such as Kaspersky, AVG, Bitdefender, Avast or McAfee offer two categories of solutions to protect against the threat of the Internet: first, we have the traditional solution that is basic antivirus. Then, there are more comprehensive security suites, often called Total Security, that go beyond the best classic antivirus. These are the latter we recommend because they allow us to protect themselves in an integral way, not just a part of the data. A classic antivirus is sometimes too restrictive, and it is better to add a few dollars to have full coverage of his computer.

These add features to protect all sensitive activities on a computer Windows, Mac, or on a smartphone: secure webcam, resource management, secure banking transactions, password management, secure social networks, anti-phishing system, etc. However, they will not slow down the speed of the computer thanks to optimized resources.

The price difference between a basic antivirus and a complete security suite “Total Security” is not significantly different. So we recommend leaving for a complete solution to take no risk on your data. If you are willing to pay, as you completely cover to get maximum security for your data. The loss of data can be very expensive, it is better never to be too careful – especially if it is about a few tens of dollars per year. Below, the comparison of the best antivirus and security suites of the moment.

1 – Antivirus Bitdefender Total Security 2020

Best in the antivirus market and with more than 500 million customers worldwide, the Bitdefender software is a huge success for its Total Security solution. The company also has a classic antivirus that is only available on Windows computers for a single user. The Bitdefender Total Security suite is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, and can be installed on 5 devices in parallel. The Family Pack version allows unlimited use of the number of devices for one of the best antivirus on the market.

Antivirus Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security includes a wide range of tools that are easily controlled from a clear and efficient interface. A continuously updated quality antivirus, a ransomware management system, free and online support, a Wi-Fi security wizard -Fi, a very secure system for online shopping (Safepay), and anti-phishing and anti-fraud system, a firewall, a parental control system or a digital safe.

2 – Antivirus McAfee Total Protection

Another giant in the antivirus industry, McAfee. The publisher of security software (now completely independent of its sulfurous founder, John) has developed a suite that allows everyone to navigate, like the other players in our antivirus comparison. This goes from the simplest antivirus, to the Antivirus Plus solution (compatible on all devices, and all OS) and up to the Total Security Suite. The latter is again the most complete and can be installed on up to 5 devices at a time – and on all Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android.

Antivirus McAfee Total Protection

With more than 325 million users worldwide, McAfee is able to quickly detect large-scale threats, and respond with real-time updates. Opting for a McAfee antivirus gives guarantees as to the security of its personal data. Beyond the simple and best antivirus, we also find the classic anti-spam filters, parental controls, digital safes, web traffic monitoring, and other anti-phishing systems.

3 – Antivirus Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is a company that stands out for years with its antivirus, and it is positioned on the French podium with a 35.5% market share for its product. Here too, we find a classic antivirus and a complete suite of Total Security security. It is the latter that we recommend in order to have all its secure ecosystem.

Antivirus Kaspersky Total Security

By default, Kaspersky’s Total Security Total Anti-Virus provides protection against all types of viruses, malware and other malicious scripts with real-time, full-featured update and coverage. This suite is compatible with all devices on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android – unlike the basic antivirus that is available on Windows. Among the practical tools of this suite, there is a system for secure online banking transactions, a password management system or parental control. Finally, we will appreciate that Kaspersky allows you to choose the number of devices that you want to connect (the price varies according to the number) for each of its products. In short, the Total Security suite has everything to be the best antivirus.

4 – Antivirus AVG Ultimate

AVG is also a heavyweight of internet security, like the other players in this comparison, and its global AVG Ultimate solution will have everything to seduce you. Beyond the really well-designed design and the exceptional speed of the software (with the TuneUp module), this solution is also among the most complete on the market. It includes the use of an unlimited number of devices, whether on Windows, Mac OS or Android. However, there is no version for iOS – the latter being in the highly protected ecosystem of Apple, and still spared enough viruses.

Antivirus AVG Ultimate

The AVG Ultimate global antivirus system obviously offers a virus detection system, ransomware management, payment protection, webcam, spam filter for emails, digital safe or anti-theft. All with automatic updates that can be permanently protected from any threat of threat. AVG is one of the best antiviruses in the market without discussion, and we are convinced by the product.

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5 – Avast Premium Antivirus

The giant Avast stands out especially for its free solutions (like all the other publishers of this comparison of antivirus which also have a free version limited). The company in question also offers a complete security suite for Windows called Avast Premium. It is not compatible with Mac OS, iOS, or Android. You’ll know it, the best antivirus solution is paying Avast Premium is much more complete than the free version, and it is also more secure.

Avast Premium Antivirus

Beyond its basic antivirus, Avast Premium adds a system of protection of the webcam and against ransomware, a firewall, a filter anti-spam and anti-phishing (Real Site), etc. Note the feature called CyberCapture that sends a suspicious file in the Cloud Avast to be analyzed in real-time. The interface is easy to manage, so the tool is perfect for use on Windows.

6 – Antivirus Norton Security Deluxe

The American company Symantec publishes the excellent antivirus Norton, which is one of the best on the market. It also has a range of more or less sophisticated versions. If the single-PC (Windows) single-user limit version, the Norton Security Deluxe version is the most popular version of the publisher’s security suite.

Antivirus Norton Security Deluxe

This is a security suite that includes antivirus with real-time updates, an online data encryption system, a firewall, and a “100% promise”. Norton helps you against viruses or it reimburses you in full, unconditionally. As with Bitdefender, the Security Deluxe suite that includes the best antivirus can protect up to 5 devices – Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS. A “Premium” version can secure up to 10 devices, and add parental control and 25 GB of storage in the cloud.

How to avoid viruses on a Mac or Windows?

In recent years, we have heard a lot about the “ransomware” attacks, which have experienced strong growth. This software come to take control of a computer and will encrypt all data and completely block your computer. The user will then have to pay a ransom in crypto-currencies (anonymous electronic currency) to recover the contents of his computer if he does not have antivirus like those of our comparative.

It is not only individuals who have been victims of these hacks, and large companies have sometimes paid several hundred thousand dollars to recover their data, even in some cases millions for the largest companies. Every year, big groups spend billions of dollars on their safety. This type of attack is a classic example to illustrate the threat that can be found on the internet every day. A better antivirus like those presented in this comparison reduces or even wipe out the risk of losing all its data.

Avoid Viruses On A Mac Or Windows

Unfortunately, viruses evolve continuously over time, so you have to know how to adapt. Without surprises, they are also always more sophisticated. If the ransomware was very popular in 2017, it was dethroned in 2018 by what is called crypto-jacking.

According to the data published by the renowned cybersecurity software publisher Kaspersky, there are no less than 13 million incidents related to this type of hacking (+ 400%) that were recorded in 2018. Without quality antivirus, these programs malicious come to use the computer power of a computer Mac, Windows or a smartphone (and increase in fine substantially the consumption of electricity and therefore the monthly cost) to mine cryptocurrencies.

The cost can be significant, and it is better to get better antivirus for a few tens of dollars per year rather than see its bill increase drastically without really knowing why. Again, it is not because your computer is fast that it is not necessarily infected by a virus: you must always remain vigilant.

This can concern computers as well as smartphones, tablets, televisions or any other product connected to the internet (like connected objects). Our antivirus comparison will allow you to avoid all these risks from the web, without having to worry about it. To secure your data, you can also have a good external hard drive that allows you to store your sensitive documents away from the internet. The protection with one of the antivirus of this comparison is an effective complement. We hope you like the article and willing to share with friends. Stay tuned to Cracko for More informative article on Antivirus.

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