Best Apps For Toddlers {Android & IOS}

Best Android Educational Apps For Kids That Parents Will Like:

Best Apps for Toddlers

Best Apps for Toddlers

While it is necessary for parents to control the use that their children give to mobile devices. Since the content of applications in many cases is not suitable for the little ones and not to mention the Internet. It is also important that the parents be aware that there are interesting tools that can make smartphones or tablets become very useful platforms in pedagogical work.

Today in Mobility we are providing the best Android educational applications which you can give to your children. They can learn many new things from these apps. These are the best apps for Toddlers for android and ios. Download them directly from our site. Check the complete article and try to check all the apps as well.

List Of Best Apps For Toddlers:

Nowadays all children are learning everything from the internet. Parents should concentrate on the things what to learn their kids. Here we gave you some of the best educational apps for kids to learn new things.

  • Star Walk Kids
  • Mondly For Children
  • BioMio
  • The World Of Miffy
  • Sago Mini Town
  • iCuadernos by Rubio
  • Montessori Geometry
  • Pinkfong
  • Children’s Day Map
  • Thinkrolls
  • ABC Magnetic Alphabet for Kids

These are the best apps for toddlers both in android and ios. Download them from the below article. Now we will check them in detail.

Star Walk Kids:

best toddler apps

This application teaches children in a fun way the fundamentals of astronomy. The structure of the solar system, stars and constellations and other objects in the sky through intuitive activities. You can follow the special pointer and find different celestial bodies, hear interesting facts about them, see a collection of educational cartoons about the space or test your knowledge of the subject.

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Mondly For Children:

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Mondly for children is an educational tool that teaches up to 33 different languages in a fun and attractive way too young children and nursery, preschool or in their first years of school. They will play, explore, discover the wonderful world around them and of course, learn languages through educational lessons.

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This application BioMio seeks to generate interest in children by the biology of the world around them. Besides being a fun and entertaining app, it will lay the foundations for this school subject. Through it, they know the most basic things about animals, plants, different habitats, the food chain, climates, etc. Leave aside the complicated and boring texts to apply the knowledge of biology to a fun and play environment.

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The World Of Miffy:

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Based on the acclaimed picture books created by cartoonist Dick Bruna and on the internationally successful television series, Miffy comes to life in an adorable interactive 3D application in which children will learn to perform multiple actions such as dressing, brushing teeth, play with friends, walk your pet.

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Sago Mini Town:

best apps for toddlers 2019

With Sago Mini Town offers children the opportunity to build a villa with dozens of chips interchangeable and interactive animated stories, which will lead to many surprises.

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iCuadernos by Rubio:

best educational apps for toddlers

Rubio’s classic notebooks already have their version for both iOS and Android mobile devices with the iCuadernos app. They come in a blank booklet format and we can select the content, between ‘Operations’, ‘Problems’ and ‘Infant education’. In addition to making homework more entertaining with an interactive system and much more visually appealing, they will have additional help from the Owl-tutor who guides the child by explaining the exercises and correcting them at the time.

In addition, the system of medals and achievements will help to gamify the duties of the child allowing him to be entertained and to increase the engagement. They turn to learn into a game.

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Montessori Geometry:

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The second in our top of mobile educational applications is the one that bears the name and honors the scientist Maria Montessori, is Montessori Geometry. It is an educational mobile application aimed at the children of the house who have to improve in geometry. With this tool children from 4 to 8 years old can play and learn geometric shapes from an iOS mobile device screen.

More than that, the goal is that children learn to develop logic through the categorization and prioritization of geometric shapes. In it, we find the simplest and most basic forms up to the most complex ones. In addition, we also find a section called games in which to apply what we learned in the app.

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Pinkfong is ideal to become familiar with shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns for children. It contains several activities with 10 different steps helping children to solve simple and increasingly complex problems on their own.

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Children’s Day Map:

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The Children’s Day Map mobile app is an app dedicated to learning English to the little ones. It is a very basic app that we can download for free in the markets. In it, the youngest can learn how to say the main daily routines in English. They will learn the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the clothes, concepts of time (today, tomorrow, etc.) among other terms. An app is very useful as an introduction or smooth review of the subject of foreign language. Very simple, useful and intuitive to use for both parents, teachers, and children.

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Strategy games are the ones that are lately achieving more downloads and more use by users. Now comes Thinktrolls that applies this strategic technique to the little ones, making them exercise their mind, their memory, and their logical capacity. This type of educational mobile applications is perfect for children from 3 to 8 years old to learn the mechanics of trial and error. There are two modes, the easy and the advanced, and 180 screens to be overcome by the child.

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ABC Magnetic Alphabet for Kids:

toddler puzzle app

ABC Magnetic alphabet for kids is composed of two different applications, but whose objective is the same. These educational mobile applications are intended to help in the learning of the little ones. That is, they intend to create simple, honest and fun apps for children to learn in a fun and effective way.

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Hence, you have got all the best apps for toddler in android and ios. You can use download these apps and give them to your children. Your toddler will have a lot of fun with these apps. We hope you like this article and sharing the article on social networking sites is always helpful for us. Stay tuned to Cracko for more awesome articles.

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