8 Best Apps to Blur Photos On Android & iOS Mobiles



8 Best Apps to Blur Photos: Nowadays everyone is using smartphones. But some phones do not have a portrait effect. For that people, we are here to give you a solution to this issue. Here we are giving you the best applications which are used to get the blur effect on photos from your phone. Simply you have to follow us to use them. By using these applications you will get blur effect to your picture. Try these best blur apps and make your photos look more awesome.

With the arrival of the double camera to Android, we could start playing with depth of field. That is, with two lenses we can decide if the background of a foreground image is focused or out of focus. Thus, the image that we see closer will be more beautiful and highlighted. This is called shallow depth of field, portrait mode or bokeh mode. But not all of us are lucky enough to have a mobile phone with two lenses. These phones, especially those that give really good results, tend to have high prices.

Fortunately, we have the Google application store that can do everything. In its extensive catalog of utilities, we can find a series of applications with which to get that blur, that portrait mode that is so good for the photographs. Which seem to be taken by professional cameras of several thousand euros. Maybe we do not get to those results, but we can get great images with which we can show off in front of our friends.

The Top 8 Best Blur Apps for Android and iOS Mobiles:

We have selected 8 applications for you to get the blur effect of the double camera, but having only one. Isn’t it great? Well, take your phone and start to try these apps, all of them are free, and stay with the best results you can get.


blur background online photoshopA recent Instagram update allows its users to apply a blur effect on Stories. To apply that effect you only have to enter the Stories screen, by sliding your finger to the right on the main screen or by clicking on the camera icon that you can see in the upper left part of the screen.

Just below, you can configure the type of Story you want, just text, Boomerang, Superzoom and now we find a new option called ‘Focus’. Choose it by sliding the different options with your finger. Now, face the mobile and the screen will automatically detect your face. Once you have the image, you can save it in your gallery, without sharing it. Share it as a Story or more or both. The truth is that the effect is quite successful, as you can see in the capture.

The best thing about the blur effect on Instagram is that it works with both the main camera and the front camera. Of course, it only works with people and human faces. Forget about portraying your cat and that the background is out of focus.

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blurred background photo editor appAfterFocus is another application to get the blur effect in your spotlights. The application is free, although if you want to have the free version With ads and get results with higher resolution you must go through the box. To get the desired blur effect, we suggest you select the smart mode. There is another manual but it is a bit more cumbersome. We can apply the effect to a photo that we have in the gallery or that we do with the application at that moment.

In the effects application screen, we have a column with tools. With the first one, we select the object in the foreground. The second one, we will select what we want to be background and blurry. With the third, we will define the area that has been just in the limit of the foreground and the background. So that the result is even more polished. It is not difficult to use, but it requires a bit of practice.

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best photo editing apps for selfiesOne of the best photo editing applications of Android could not miss in this list. In its tool menu, we can find among other effects and tutorials to get very striking results, the blur effect. When you open the Snapseed application, choose a photo from the gallery you want to touch up and click on ‘Tools’. Among all those that appear, you must press ‘Blur’.

In ‘Blur’ you have three variables that you can modify. First, you have to place the center point of a blur. Once we have it located, we will slide up and down the finger to change the intensity of the focus. The transition (size of the outer ring changes) and the intensity of the vignette. If we make a pincer gesture with our fingers, we can narrow the circle of a blur as well as turn it on itself.

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photo editor blur background free downloadAnother photo editor with which we can highlight our objects in the foreground. We can edit a photo that we already have made, extracting it from the gallery, or do it at that moment. Once we have it, we press the first icon that we see, which is a kind of suitcase. Among all the tool icons that appear, we look for ‘blur’.

Here we choose between two types of blur: linear or circular. Adapt it according to the image you want to retouch. You can increase the intensity of the blur by moving the lower bar. You can also reinforce the color of the object in the foreground to make it stand out more, or add a small glow for the same effect. Pixlr is free and you can download it right now in the Google Play Store.

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photo editing blur background photoshop onlineThis free photo editing Android application works by layers. We have to select the object in the foreground with a brush, which we can vary in thickness. To cut, we choose the scissors, we go through the silhouette of the character and then with the rubber and fill tools we will refine the selection. Click on ‘apply’.

Now, to add the blur to the background, we will choose the ‘blurred’ tool and choose the one we like the most. We can adjust the blur with your finger, by clicking on the screen from left to right. Then, we save the photo and we can share it with our friends through WhatsApp or social networks.

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blur background app downloadWe finish with the easiest application to use of all that we have told you here today, with Instagram permission. With Point Blur let’s blur the background of the photo with our finger. As simple as that. We can increase or decrease the blur effect as well as the thickness of the stroke. We also have practical guides that allow us to place the stroke over where we put our finger. But in this way, we can see where we are going by painting.

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blur camera app downloadThis application stands out for its two modes: Blur and Shape Blur. The first one allows you to paint the area you want to keep focused. While the second one offers you shapes like circles or triangles whose interior will stay focused and whose exterior will be out of focus.

Which one you choose will depend on the artistic or exact thing that you want to put on. You just need to upload your photo and editing the photo with options available in the app. Make use of this awesome app by which you can edit as many photos as you want.

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photo editor blur background free downloadIn general, you will find the same behavior as in the previous app, including the two ways of performing the blur. You will have to paint the areas you want to focus on. It also stands out for its simplicity and is an option to take into account if the previous one does not convince you.

This Auto Blur Background will automatically blur the background when you upload the photo. If you like the automatic edit of the app you can keep that editing. Otherwise, you can use your own editing by the options which are available in the app. It is a great app to edit the photos easily.

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automatic blur camera appBLUR takes it in reverse and will force you to paint the areas you want to blur. Its main advantage is that it is a more complete editing app, so you can also, for example, crop the images. Includes a camera to take pictures directly and edit them instantly.

This is the best option as we can take photos of anything which we like and edit them real time. This is of the best feature which Blur app is providing us. Many apps which can edit the photo background but this app provides you the real-time editing. Use the app and comment your experience.

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You can try these applications in your Android phone to get effective photos as same as clicked by professional cameras. These are all free to download. So download and install the applications which you need to use. Therefore, these are the best blur apps to edit your photos and enjoy the best effects on your photos. If you like it share it to your buddies.

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