8 Best Gym Workout Apps for iOS and Android

Best Gym Workout Apps for Android and iOS:

Best Gym Workout Apps

Best Gym Workout Apps

One of the best ways to build muscle and strength is to go to the gym, unfortunately. we can not all have a personal trainer. Luckily there are applications that can help you improve your routine in the gym and maintain your workouts. These Best Gym Workout Apps are for ios and Android devices. Just download the apps and maintain the proper work without going to the gym.

We present you free applications for gym routines that you can perform from your home or in a club. Since not all involve access to devices. Several of the routines of a few minutes a day to avoid interference with your daily activities and at the same time. Generate positive results in your body and your health. Download them and start your favorite routines after the student or work days to get rid of the accumulated stress. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

The List of 8 Best Gym Workout apps:

We are listing the top and best apps which you can use right now and enjoy the results by using these apps. These are the Best Workout apps for Android and Best workout apps for iPhone. These apps are perfect and best to use. Start using them and Maintain your workout daily without even visiting the gym. These apps may help you in many ways though. The apps are as follows

App Names Available for iOS Available for Android
GymGoal Yes Yes
Seven Yes Yes
 JEFIT workout Yes Yes
Gym Hero Yes Yes
Daily butt workout Yes Yes
GymBuddy Yes Yes
MyFitnessPal Yes Yes
Virtuagym Fitness Yes Yes

Now let’s check them individually one by one…

1) GymGoal:

best workout app bodybuildingThe GymGoal 2 application is available for iOS and Android operating systems and was advised by experts in gym routines around the world. The application allows you to organize all your routines according to your goals of muscle building, weight loss, and strength. It has more than 200 different exercises with step-by-step instructions and animations. So you can do them correctly.

In addition to this, it has a monitoring system for cardio circuits and strength training. One of the best tools of GymGoal is the ability to calculate your maximum repetition for each exercise you perform. It shows you a training history and how several of your muscles have been trained. Using this information you can readjust your plan. Exercises for different muscle groups, rotate them every week with the help of a calendar. So that your routines are always different and avoid stagnation.

Download the applications on your Android and iPhone Devices.

2) Seven


best workout apps for weight loss

The challenge is to exercise 7 minutes for 7 months with intense routines that point to fast results if you are consistent. It requires great resistance on the part of the user to commit to exploit the 7 minutes and overcome them, providing an interactive 3D guide that explains how to proceed.

3) JEFIT workout:

best fitness apps 2019This application is available for Android and IOS operating systems and one of the best gym workout app for sure. JEFIT gives you simple tools to handle weightlifting routines in detail. The main page of the app offers 4 primary points that are routines, exercises, statistics, and records. All these options synchronized with social networks. The routines section of the JEFIT app allows you to create and save your own routines. You can program your weekly routines in the calendar and even name the different days of the week according to the routines.

For example, Monday would be called arms, Wednesday legs etc. The application has a long list of exercises included. So you can choose which part of the body you want to train, and the app will show you a list of exercises for that purpose. Some of those exercises are specific for weights or resistance machines that you can find in your gym and others to do without equipment. Also has clock and countdown so you can organize your rest periods between series well.

4) Gym Hero:

best workout apps iphoneGym Hero is an application available for iOS and Android. It is designed to organize it according to your requirements. The application has an easy interface allowing you to save unlimited routines and exercises. You can add, sets, weights and repetition time. The app keeps you motivated giving you a summary after each routine performed.

You can even share your statistics in your social networks. One of the most remarkable tools is to analyze the information of your routines, save them and you can view the total number of routines, total weight moved, total series and repetitions and a summary of the different muscle groups that you have worked on. So you can study your routines and see if you are in the right direction.

5) Daily butt workout:

best workout apps androidIt is an application dedicated to the toning of glutes and legs for 5 minutes a day through carefully explained exercises. It is possible to choose between completing the training or making a single proposal. The videos and their respective description in text prevent you from injuring them.

6) Gym Buddy:

workout trainer appThe application provides a powerful and versatile look at your summary of your routines provide details such as time of rest periods, short routines, progress graphs and much more. You can plan each training and save the goals of the day and a subset of exercises in each plan. This application allows you to monitor your weight and percentage of body fat.

It has 3 clocks for countdowns that make sure you have an adequate rest time between sets, after each exercise. You can see the details on the screen showing a detailed summary of your performance. You can also use this application to calculate the maximum repetition for each series and view your personal records.

7) My Fitness Pal:

gym workout apps free download

Your calorie counter facilitates the monitoring of your daily diet, making it possible to record the exercises that you develop daily to set objectives. In this way, you organize yourself to meet them gradually and combine food with physical work.

8) Virtuagym Fitness:

weight training app for beginnersIf you are looking for a solid and simple application to motivate yourself and be ready for the gym, Virtuagym fitness is an excellent starting point. The application offers you hundreds of different exercises and routines no matter level or materials What you have. The routines range from a morning fitness routine that simply increases your heart rate a bit, to an advanced weight-lifting routine to complete in an hour.

Each routine shows you your progress of uprisings and exercises to maximize your time spent in the gym. All exercises show diagrams in motion to indicate the correct way of execution. You can monitor your progress every week and receive goals for you to try to meet. If you are a veteran gym lover or you are a beginner, virtuagym fitness is the ideal application to learn the basics and conquer the most advanced routines.

So these are the Best Workout apps for Android and Best Workout apps for iPhone. You can use these apps and enjoy your daily workouts without any issues. Therefore these are the best workout apps for bodybuilding by tracking what you are doing daily. I hope these apps will help you out to get your gym workout done regularly without any problems. Like us and share the article on Social media Networks. Visit cracko for more best apps which you can use on your android and ios devices.

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