8 Best Interior Design Apps – Apps For Interior Design

Best Interior Designing Apps for Android and iOS:

Best Interior Design Apps for Free

Best Interior Design Apps for Free

Want to get the Best Interior Designing Apps?? What the best interior design software to download and use? Don’t worry we are going to show you all the best and leading Interior Designing Apps which you can start using.

The development of an interior design project involves a creative process and execution that requires a lot of dedication. During this process you can use different tools to inspire you, to present the first ideas to the client, to elaborate a detailed budget, to plan appropriate distributions, to define colors and textures … etc. Discover some of the best tools to get the most out of your interior design project in the form of apps.

List Of 8 Best Interior Design Apps:

Now everything is available on the internet. Here we are giving you some of the latest and best apps of interior designing to make your home look beautiful.

  • Home Design 3D
  • Magic plan
  • SnapShop Showroom
  • Mark on Call
  • MyPantone
  • HouzzColor and Harmony: Coolors
  • Ikea Store

These are the best 8 interior designing apps which you can start using right away. Check all the details of the apps and download from their respective download buttons.

Home Design 3D:

Home Design 3D is a professional application that allows us to redesign our house from scratch. In detail, without any limitations and visualize it in 3D.

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Functions in Home Design 3D:

  • Floor plan of rooms, walls, and hollow walls.
  • Control of the measurements of the construction elements.
  • Functions to copy and paste elements.
  • Modifications of height and thickness of walls.
  • An intuitive interface so that its use is much easier.
  • The day-night function that allows visualizing changes in lighting.
  • 2 3D navigation modes (first-person view mode and observer mode).
  • Drag/drop where you want all the furniture and objects you want (doors, windows, desks, television furniture, carpets, etc.), as well as the textures.
  • Different textures with 450 variations that are applied to the project by playing twice or simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Import of plans, to computer or freehand, to show it as a background of your project.
  • Share and synchronize your designs using Dropbox.
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Magic Plan:

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MagicPlan is a Sensopia application for the iPhone and iPad that is able to measure and draw an interactive floor simply by taking pictures. We must make the photographs with the device and through a button. We can publish our interactive plant in Internet or export it in PDF, JPG or in the MagicPlan exchange format (XML). Useful for sketches prior to the most elaborate final plans.

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SnapShop Showroom:

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It is specialized in finding the best furniture your house needs. When uploading a photo to the application, the application will show you different models of furniture from the catalogs of the stores. So you can see which one you like the most, the one that best adapts to the measurements of the space or the one that most fits with your budget

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Mark on Call:

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Considered one of the 50 best applications for iPad by The Guardian, Mark on Call allows you to create very detailed plans of the place you want to decorate. Ideal if what you need are flat and measures. You will develop them quickly, it also allows you to add furniture with textures and materials.

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A good application for design professionals since with MyPANTONE. You have access to more than 13,000 Pantone colors, to the Pantone Plus Series and Fashion + Home color guides. It is a very complete tool with which you can create your own color palettes. You can also get chromatic inspiration wherever you are and create color schemes from the Pantone libraries. It can help and speed up the work by giving a combination of colors in an instant that can help determine the chosen color quickly.

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Houzz is another interesting option if what we are looking for is a little inspiration and ideas to give a different touch to our home. This social network has more than 8 million photos and is a very professional app that puts at our disposal all the resources we need when planning our projects.

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Houzz includes a catalog of products available at partner stores and also presents a list of interior designers in the area, a perfect resource in case of need. Finally, we will also find a section of advice where users ask for opinions on various topics related to the world of interior design. An essential application and completely translated into Spanish, which also has an intuitive and simple design.

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Color and Harmony: Coolors

If you are in the process of reforming or decorating your home. It is essential that you take into account the lighting and color shades. For example, if the room is too dark, you will need light furniture to add a little light. On the other hand, if your table is bright yellow, the phosphorescent green chairs may not be quite right.

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Coolors is a very simple but extremely useful application that generates random color schemes. So you can be inspired and choose your favorite combination and download it to your device. Afterward, we only have to choose furniture that corresponds to that combination to create a harmonious and totally personalized environment.

You can change each of the variables at any time until you get the perfect tone. Do not worry, the app gives you the exact HEX color, as well as the HSB, RGB or CMYK parameters. For design lovers.

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Ikea Store:

Now you have everything in mind and now all you have to do is buy furniture and decorative objects to make your home a cozy and familiar place.

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The Ikea Store application is the ideal tool to take a look at the entire catalog of the store. According to our location. We can add our favorite furniture to the shopping list and check the total price, as well as the stock of each product and where to find them exactly.

While we wait for Ikea to enable online shopping for all its products. We will have to make the inevitable trip to the store. Which will undoubtedly become much less burdensome if we take this shopping list with us.

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