Top 10 Best PS4 Games to Play & Enjoy {Updated Games List}

Best PS4 Games: If you are planning to pick up the latest PlayStation 4 game console or the Pro version. You have to treasure the extensive library of games you can play. Whether you own this system or buy a new one, you can play some of the best console ranking games.

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The 10 best PS4 games to play right now

When it comes time to choose, it is important to consider the way they are playing now. After all, you can not give up what offers you the best value for money. When choosing you should take a look at the options and format of the games before grabbing what you want.

So in this article, we are here with a list of 10 best games for ps4 which you can download start playing in your ps4 console. We have researched and taken reviews from many users and listed these 10 best ps4 games. Continue reading to Know what are the best ps4 games.

Best PS4 Games to Play

So these are the best games which you should play and enjoy playing them in your ps4 console. Let’s check them

Lifting the Tomb Raider

Exactly two decades have passed since the launch of this game on PlayStation. The PS4 version of the game has won the award for being the “20 years of celebration” edition. In this version of the game, Lara Croft performs significant combat rounds. Combat can seem exhausting, but it’s also nice, as you get confused with aspects of the game.

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Although the narrative line that describes Lara’s trip to the lost city of Kitezh in Siberia to complete her father’s work lacks originality. You will find some really shocking aspects, while the tempting mechanic takes her to the heights that never before had discovered. If you choose to choose it for PS4, you can also get the previous DLC. The game is also adaptable to the PS4 Pro version.

Fallout 4

With its excellent systems of craftsmanship and weapons game starts a role play but do not worry, as there is a Stimpak. In the post-apocalyptic environment, you will find a frightening experience. Often you will be on your way to completing your mission and will deviate so that you can find something that is good or bad. The main character gets an adequate voice to add another polished layer to the whole process.

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With customization options and companions, this game welcomes players to a new realm. Although the game is not without failures, the scale of the Bethesda vacant lot can keep you in the bunker for several weeks. If you receive the extensive additions of DLC, you will never want to return from the vacant lot.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

When considering the environment, the attractive game or the world of construction, the game exhibits a kind of achievement. Although occasional problems may appear at one time or another. The excellent systems that come together in this game are hard to beat and have emerged as one of the best RPGs.

best games for ps4

God of War – Paternity and fatalities

After killing every creature and godly deity on Mount Olympus, this furious muscle man known as Kratos has wrapped the original story of the God of War trilogy in bloodshed. What you can expect from this game is a new and luxuriously designed story along with a semi-open world that moves the strings of your heart while killing the monsters.

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Call of Duty: Negro OPS 4

The latest version of the game has been rid of all irrelevant aspects and incorporates new mechanisms and modes, as seen in PUBG and Overwatch. As a result, you can get an online FPS that may not be original, but your experience as a player is going to be more rewarding, and you are likely to stay much more engaged while playing this game. Blackout is the answer.

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This game is about the madness of the Big Battle Royale as the game takes the style of all the variants of weapons one can ask for and a giant map. The multiplayer mode of the game focuses largely on the team rather than on special abilities or regenerative health. Finally, who can forget the madness and fun that zombies pack in this game?

Soulcalibre VI

It’s been almost six years since the previous game’s entry into this series and although it’s taken so long to get to the current generation’s hardware, the game is worth it. If you are a lover of sword swing action from Soulcaliber II, you have entered the right place. With the change of engine, you can get an agile and ingenious combat model.

best story mode games ps4

The inclusion of two huge story modes ensures that this game is a sure winner for game enthusiasts who plan to get new collections for PlayStation 4. Apart from this, the inclusion of Geralt de Rivia as a special guest is the best addition to this game. The net code of this game is simply amazing and the customization options will amaze you.

Dark Souls 3

This is one of those series that resulted in about a hundred imitators and the only reason behind the popularity of this game is the fair game that comes close to the current version of the game as well. However, they are the majestic and grotesque scenarios that appear in the game and the fine tuning of combat fans.

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Along with the emphasis on versatility and speed, which makes this an ideal option to expand the collections of the best PS4 games. If we take a look at the series as a whole, this collection seems to encapsulate and not disperse as Dark Souls 2, the previous version. If you are anxious to grasp the soul game, this is it.

Fifa 19

This is one of EA Canada soccer simulators and although he has gotten rid of the shadow of Pro Evo. He has made many changes, in the formula that you have always liked in the right places. You are sure to find the flavor that suits your foot while playing this game. The journey in this game comes back when Alex Hunter tries to become an icon of a superstar’s football.

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The game includes the Divisions mode to improve the long-term game and the Kick-Off mode comes with the new rules of the house that resemble the street style of FIFA. The changes in the ball and the shot make the feeling of movement more elegant throughout the field.

The Crew 2

In 2014, The Crew showed an abbreviated version for the United States, along with several challenges and races, but the races did not have the flavor. In 2019, the sequel looks like Forza Horizon and seems to have been inspired by the series.

best ps4 games right now

The activities of the sequel are more accessible than the road trip of the previous version. Arcade style races, along with boats, planes, and cars are the reasons to add this game to your collection.

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Evolution of the Jurassic world

The game seems to be dangerous but it provides players with the management sim or Zoo Tycoon and this combination is the reason for the game’s development. With a simple assembly, you can create your theme park in any of the five islands and include all those dinosaurs that you have seen tearing with their strong jaws.

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You can search fossils or extract the DNA of these species to raise your own, but be careful before putting your steps as the species you create can create chaotic situations and disturbances throughout the Jurassic World.


Hence, This collection of games for PlayStation 4 can set the stage for entertainment as you get closer to the different storylines and actions. We hope you like the article of top 10 ps4 games to play right away. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Share the article and support us by sharing it at social media networks. Stay tuned to Cracko for more awesome articles.

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