Top 10 Best Video Cutter Software & Apps in 2021

Best Video Cutter 2021: On the internet, you will find a wide variety of programs to cut quality videos that can be used. All these video cutters can confuse you when making the final decision. So you should be well informed about each program to cut video. Focus on its functions, its positive and negative aspects, as well as the price. With this, you will not have problems choosing the one you consider most suitable to meet your needs.

Best Video Cutters

Top 6 Best Free Video Cutter Software for Windows and Mac

Video Cutters are popular in the market and many people use them to cut their videos or some awesome video scenes from the video. So choose the correct video cutter is quite difficult and not that easy to choose the correct one. We suggest you, note down the list of best free video trimmers or cutters and use them one by one.

So in this article, we have provided the best video cutter of cut video songs for free and enjoy using them by sending them to friends and families. So check the complete article and make the perfect choice of your wish. We will provide and explain each and every app in detail. Check the complete article now.

Top 10 Best Video Cutter 2021

We have listed the best video cutters of 2021. Best free video cutting software or apps will help you to cut your videos easily and their interface is also user-friendly. Let’s check the 10 video cutters.

  • Filmora Video Editor for Mac
  • Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie
  • VLC
  • Avidemux
  • FFmpeg
  • Sony Vegas
  • VirtualDub
  • Windows Movie Maker

So these are the best free video cutter that you can use right away. Let’s check them now in detail.

Filmora Video Editor for Mac

This video cutter has some very basic tools to help you easily cut, merge, divide and rotate videos. Its biggest advantage is its ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive interface, while its compatibility index is high with multiple compatible formats.

Filmora Video Editor for Mac

  • Import Files- to add video files to your program, you just need to drag and drop. If this system does not work for you, then use the menu bar, click “+” and then “Add files”.
  • To continue, you must drag and drop your video to the timeline.
  • Select the video to be trimmed and then click on the “cut” button to start editing.
  • Make sure you have marked all the areas you want clean and then apply the trim command.
  • All marked sections will be deleted after which you must save the changes made to the video.


Best free video cutter

The premiere is one of the best video cutters which everyone can use right away. Use a timeline to edit, so you should be prepared for the best experience when trimming your videos. One good thing about Premiere as a video editor is its support for high-resolution editing. In addition, its support for both import and export formats is very high to demonstrate its compatibility. So you can use the premiere to cut videos easily.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro - Video Editors and Cutters

This software for cutting Apple videos is very powerful and the ideal choice for trimming videos. This revolutionary video editor has tools that will make your job easier and more enjoyable. Some of its remarkable features are its incredible performance, its powerful multimedia file organization, and its revolutionary video editing. Make sure to try your hands on this software to cut videos as per your needs.


best free video cutting software

One of the easiest things to achieve with this editor is file browsing, as they are well organized. It is very simple. There are many other features that make this program a good video cutter, some of which include the insertion of titles and effects to make your video more expressive. Once edited, iMovie makes sure you can easily share the video with friends.


best video cutter free download

It is free non-linear software for cutting videos that you should also consider. It works on both Mac and Windows platforms, while its key features are its intuitive and multi-platform interface and its compatibility with multiple file formats.


best video trimming software

This free software can cut videos, in addition to filtering, cutting and coding tasks. Its support for multiple file formats makes Avidemux a program to consider, while most users prefer it because of its options to automate tasks and authority scripts. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

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best video cutter and joiner

You can use this software for free to trim your video files, and it has video and audio codec. It has unlimited components that will make your editing experience enjoyable, these include ffplay, libavformat, libavfilter, libswresample, ffserver and libswscale among many others.

Sony Vegas

best video cutting software

Just by looking at the features offered by this software, you will be satisfied if it is the best option to trim your videos. Unlike other programs, it does not require any special hardware before it works effectively. So it provides flexibility. The integration with 24p DV is the most notable feature of this program as well as its compatibility with a unique scripting technology.


video editing cutter

This software for Microsoft Windows works on linear video sequences and, for the most part, uses the AVI format as the main storage for videos. Although it is designed for use with Microsoft Windows, you can have this software program on Mac and Linux, both for capture and montage of videos. It is very effective as an editor.

Windows Movie Maker

video cutter online

This software program will allow you to take full control of video editing in terms of clipping. After cutting, you can use the software to publish your video files on different online sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. It has a wide variety of transitions, effects, and titles that help make your videos more expressive. You should always make the most of this software program.


Hence, you have got the list of best video cutter apps to use right away. We hope you like the article and willing to share the article with friends and families. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Cracko for more informative articles.

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