Bluetooth Not Available Mac {Simple Steps to Fix}

How To Solve The Bluetooth Problem If Your Mac Does Not Detect Any Device?

Bluetooth Not Available Mac
Bluetooth Not Available Mac

Some Mac users may be affected by Bluetooth automatically, often after restarting or updating OS. The first obvious indicator of this issue is that it does not detect any hardware devices that use Bluetooth. It may be a keyboard, mouse, headphones or any other device that uses that technology as a means of connection. Sometimes we find the error like “Bluetooth: Not available” When opening the Bluetooth menu under “About this Mac“.

To enter “About this Mac”, touch the apple icon found in the Finder bar. If there is an error you will see something like this:

Instead of something like this:

If there is a fault, the item icon in the menu bar will show a ” snaking” line through the symbol.

This can be really problematic if you are a fan of wireless since you can not connect anything. The process to solve this issue is long.  Here we gave you two methods, pay attention to all the steps so that you do not have a major failure.

macbook pro bluetooth not available
macbook pro bluetooth not available

Method 1: Fix Bluetooth Not Available Mac Issues:

  • First, close the System Preferences and/or any application you use or configure any Bluetooth device with the computer. Then, from the OS X Finder, press the key combination Cmd + Shift + G and a window called “Go to the folder” will open.
  • In the text box type: / Library / Preferences /
  • When a new window opens, look for the file named “” and delete it (you may also see a file called “”.) If so, delete it as well.

Note: only the team administrator can delete it after providing the correct password.

Mac Bluetooth Not Working
Mac Bluetooth Not Working
  • After you have deleted the file (s), turn off the computer. It is very important that you turn it off and not restart it. Some users have detected that this process does not work if the computer was not turned off.
  • Wait about a minute before turning it back on. When it is ready, go back to Bluetooth preferences and you will see how it starts to detect Bluetooth devices.

This solves the problem, presumably if and only if it is a matter of a damaged file. With the Mac working again, Bluetooth should now be functioning normally and the message “Not available” should disappear in the Bluetooth menu under “About this Mac“, as well as in the System Preferences pane.

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Method 2: To Solve Mac Bluetooth Not Working:

If Method 1 doesn’t work. Start doing with the 2nd method. You just need to follow the below process which can make the issue solved.

  • To be able to do a restart of the Bluetooth system of a Mac.
  • You do not have to eliminate all the devices that you have linked to then start from scratch and that is what Apple has given a combination of keys through which you will be able to do a restart in a fast way and simple.
  • To do the reboot, here we have to go to System Preferences>> Bluetooth and select in the lower part of the window the icon of the Bluetooth network in the top bar of the Finder.
bluetooth not available macbook pro
bluetooth not available macbook pro
  • Keep in mind that you are going to do a reboot of the Mac’s Bluetooth system and if you are not facing a laptop that already has the keyboard and the trackpad physically connected.
  • we advise you to have a keyboard and a wired mouse since both the Magic Keyboard and The Magic Mouse will stop working since they depend directly on this type of connection.
  • In order to access the Debug menu, you will have to press the keyboard combination alt + ⇧ while pressing the Bluetooth icon in the top bar of the Finder.

You will see that the drop-down increases its size and you will have access to the Debug item. The menu that you see in the drop-down has four possibilities:

  1. Reset the Bluetooth module (reset to the factory settings).
  2. Restore the factory settings of all connected Apple devices.
  3. Activate Bluetooth registration.
  4. Remove all devices.
reset bluetooth module mac
reset bluetooth module mac

To successfully restart Mac’s Bluetooth system, you should first run item 2, then 4, and finally 1. In this way, your Mac’s Bluetooth connection system will be the same as when you turned it on for the first time.

If even after all this does not work on Bluetooth, you may have a real hardware problem. This is quite rare and usually does not happen randomly. So, It can occur after the computer or hardware has been dropped or has had contact with water. Anyway, if you still have problems, it’s time to get in touch with Apple technical support where some low-level diagnostic tests will be run to make a determination of what’s going on and get a solution.

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