How To Change Default Install Location Windows 10

Change Default Program Install Location Windows 10

Change Default Install Location Windows 10
Change Default Installation Location Windows 10

The storage space on a computer is quite important for most users. Not only because of the fear of running out of space. Since today there are large capacity disks but rather due to the fact that Windows 10 keeps certain content by default in a location and it can be filled out more quickly. Here you will learn step by step process to how to change the default install location windows 10.

If you are Windows 10 users, then you will have noticed how by default new contents such as documents, music, photos, videos, movies or maps are saved by default in the C drive or disk partition where the operating system is installed. A partition that on the other hand is usually intended almost exclusively for the installation of Windows. Therefore, usually has little space available.

Therefore, when the system starts saving all this type of content in that default location. It can cause us to see how we have run out of space in that disk unit. Then, we will have to erase what we no longer need and move what we want to keep in another location in a different unit or partition of the disk where we have space available.

Step by Step Process of Changing the Default Location in Windows:

It is an easy process to change the default location of new installations in windows. We can do this by two methods. The methods are as follows

  • Using Settings Configuration
  • Using Command Prompt

These are the two methods which we use to change the default location with few steps. Now let us check them in detail and solve this issue.

Change the Default Installation Location Using Settings Configuration:

Therefore, the ideal would be to change the default location. Where Windows saves the new content to avoid that unit is easily filled and we do not have to move everything stored in it later manually. With the arrival of the last major update called Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft has added a series of settings within the configuration page of the system from which we can easily do this as we will show below.

Recall that in this latest version of Windows 10. It also incorporated the storage sensor feature which allows Windows to free up disk space automatically. However, what we want this time is to change the default location where it is stored the new content in Windows 10.

1) To do this, open the configuration page from the Start menu and go to the option System> Storage> More storage configurations.

installation directory windows 10

2) Once there, we will find the option Change the storage location of new content. Click on it and we will be shown a new window where we can change the default location where new applications are stored or installed. There are mainly new documents, music, photos, video, etc.

change program files location windows 10

3) In each of the options just click on the drop-down list. Where all the units of your team will appear. Choose where we want these contents to be saved by default and apply the changes.

This is how we can change the default location of the programs in windows 10. Now lets check the second method for this as well.

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Change The Default Installation Location Using Command Prompt:

Here we are giving you another way to change the default installation locations for documents likes audio, video, and music etc.

1) Open the start menu in your system and type regedit in the run command.

install programs on d drive windows 10

2) Following keys will appear after that give a double click on CurrentVersion.


3) WWndows will expand on the right-hand side. A list will appear and go for ProgramFiledir from the list. If your Operating System is 64 bit then there will be two entries ProgramFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir(x86).

how do i change my default install location

4) See the entities and give a double click on that you will get default C Drive location. Here you can edit it and change the location which you wants to save your documents. Then press the OK button to save the changes you made.

change windows install drive

5) Restart the system after all these processes completed.

These are the simplest ways to change the default location in windows 10. You can use any of the methods which you want and change your installation location from  C drive to any other.


Finally, you got the best methods to change default install location in windows 10.  These are the best working methods right now to change the programs install locations easily. We hope this article has helped you lot in changing the location in your windows 10. Like and share the article with your friends and families on social networking sites. Stay tuned to Cracko for more awesome content.

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