How to Change Your Youtube Name {Step By Step with Pictures}

Steps to Change Your Youtube Name: Do you want to modify your YouTube data but do not know how to do it? Do not worry, this doubt is very recurrent after creating a Youtube channel. You should know that YouTube now goes hand in hand with Google.

So when you change any type of information from this social network, the other one is also changed. Changing your youtube account name is quite easy and simple to do. Just simply follow the process as shown in the below steps. Many people mentioned many unnecessary methods to do it. But we will show you the best way to do it.

how to change your youtube name
How to Change Your YouTube Name: Step-by-Step

In this article, we tell you to step by step process on how to change the username of YouTube and so you can choose what you want to show off your personal data. Take note and learn to make this simple change in a few steps.

Steps to Change Your Youtube Name Easily

We will show you the step by step process to change the youtube name directly. So just check the complete process to make it clean and simple. You can even check how to delete youtube video and also how much YouTubers make. Let’s jump into the process

Login to Account

The first step to change your username on YouTube is to access your personal account. For this, you will have to go to and in the upper right part of the screen is where you have to access your personal account by clicking on “Log in” as we show you in the attached image. Enter your username and password and click on “log in”.

delete video from youtube

Click on Settings

Once you are with your session started you will see that in the upper right part your profile picture appears. Click on it with the mouse and a menu will appear where you can see the gear symbol, that is the “Settings” which is what you have to click on to be able to make the change we want to make.

how to change youtube name

Time to Change the Name

Then your data will appear in the center of the screen with your photo, your name, and different options. To change the username you will have to click on your name, as we show you in the attached image.

Click on Option to Edit Your Name

Now your Youtube channel will appear and you can see on the right part of the screen there is a button with the symbol of a pencil. Click on it and you will see that a menu appears in which there are several options: select “Configuration of the channel” since this is where you have to click to edit your name that appears public in this social network.

how to change your name on youtube

Going to G+ to Edit Your Name

Now your data and options that you can configure about your account in the social network will appear and you will see that next to the profile picture your name appears and next to it a link with the word “change”, click on this link and Youtube will say that in order to make the change you must go to your Google+ profile, click “OK” to redirect you to this network.

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Change Your Youtube Name

In the last step to change the username in YouTube, you will see how you leave this network to go to your Google+ profile page. It is totally normal since both social networks are now interconnected and when you make a change in one, you can see the immediate change in other. You will simply have to put the new name that you want to appear and select “ok”.

how do i change my channel name on youtube

So these are the few best steps to do it. Just follow according to the steps provided below. You will easily change the youtube username for free and easily.


Hence, we have shown you the working and the simple method to change your youtube name. This is the direct and straight forward method to do it. We hope you like this article and willing to support us by sharing the article. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to cracko for more awesome articles.

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