Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Keep all the photographs, videos, important documents, contacts, among many other files, stored somewhere on the Internet is today an advantage for anyone, avoiding the transport of discs or pen drives to access what you need.

Cloud Storage Apps

Anywhere with the Internet it is safe to have a copy of everything that is important and at the time you need it. Do you have a smartphone? then this publication is for you.

There are services that when we speak of cloud come to mind such as: Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, etc. But there are some of great relevance that are worth knowing. These are 5 options of cloud storage applications  for Android.

1. pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

The pCloud app: Free Cloud Storage offers 10 GB of free storage, but it is also possible to increase this capacity to 20 GB for free ( visit website ) as indicated by the programmers or up to 2 TB through the premium version.

Cloud Storage Apps for android

This storage service is presented as an interesting option, since it allows to keep encrypted files to guarantee greater security for users.

pCloud is also available for iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and any Web browser.

2. Amazon Drive

The Amazon service is not free but it is considered one of the safest in regards to the storage of files in the cloud.

The Android application allows you to upload photos, videos, documents and other files on your smartphone or tablet access all the content that is stored in Amazon Drive like view photos, videos, PDF, text and Word documents, create folders and move files between them; search, change the name and delete files and folders; save files on Android and share.

Cloud Storage Apps for iphone

Amazon Drive is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

3. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup offers initially only 1 GB for storage, which is not much in the current days, but then allows to expand this storage up to 10 GB, depending on the type of user.

Cloud Storage Applications

This is already a service aimed at mobile devices, ideal for backing up all your information such as photos and videos, but also contacts, SMS and call log. A bit with the concept of Google Photos, for example this service is launching reminders of moments you must remember through photos and records of previous calls.

4. Box

Box is perhaps a more popular service but nevertheless, unused, being also an excellent option for Android.

cloud storage

It offers 10 GB of free storage and allows the user to access content anywhere, share photos, videos and other documents, review documents online and leave comments, an excellent option to work in teams, and still allows to synchronize folders between several users.

5. Degoo

Degoo is one of the solutions that offers the most free storage of these 5 presented options. They are 100 GB to save everything you want, with the possibility of automatic backup and keep encrypted information.

Degoo backup

This service still offers more storage capacity through a premium account.

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