How to Compress Files with WinZip

Compress files with winzip: WinZip is a very popular program that allows you to compress almost all types of files, as well as encrypt your files and other issues related to the management of digital files with a single winzip activation code. Most probably you already know it and even use it when you have very large files.

Compress Files with WinZip

The current version is 21.0 and is available in English and Spanish. But also not only works on desktop (both Mac and Windows) but there are versions available for IOS and Android.

The standard version costs US $ 29.95, while for the professional version you have to add another US $ 10. A very reasonable price for the benefits it offers.

How much does WinZip compress?

The compression ratio (or compression ratio) varies according to the type of file used.

For example, a .wav (sound) or a .pdf file will hardly be reduced because those formats already compress during the process of saving the file; The same goes for the following formats: .gif, .jpg, .bmp. However, in version 21 the compression of the MP3 files has been improved and the files are reduced up to 20% without loss of quality.

In contrast, a Word file with a .doc extension can be reduced 16 times.

In other cases, such as a PowerPoint, it can be reduced according to the number of different elements (images, sound, movies) used to create the presentation.

WinZip when compressing a document creates a new file with a .zip extension that needs that program to be decompressed.

Protection of Files

Protect your files from unauthorized access using the bank-level security application with 128- or 256-bit AES encryption with FIPS 197 certification.

For added security, you can set your own password policy by defining the complexity requirements that WinZip will apply to you.

Download WinZip

You can download a demo of the program from:

Step by Step How to use WINZIP

To Unzip a Zipped File:

  • Click on the file to be unzipped with the right mouse button
  • Selections “Extract to the folder <path name of the same>” (In the English version: “Extract to folder <pathname>”)
  • Click “I accept” in the window that appears. (In the English version: “I Agree”)
    In a few seconds you will have your files unzipped in the folder you chose.

If the files to be unzipped are in a pen, copy them first to your PC and then follow the procedure indicated above.

To Compress a File

  • Locate the file you want to compress
  • Click on it with the right mouse button. If the WINZIP program is properly installed, you will see the option “Add to <file name> .zip” (“Add to <filename> .zip”)
  • Click on “Add to <file name> .zip”
  • Click on “I agree” to accept the information about the license.

This procedure is known informally as Zipping a file.

Your compressed file will be in the same folder where the original file is located. The new file will have the same name as the original plus the .zip extension.

If you want to verify the new file size, click on it with the right mouse button and choose “Properties” or “Properties” according to the language of your operating system. You can see the exact size in bytes, remember that if you wanted to take it on a floppy disk, the capacity of this is 1.4 Mb.

As I said before, to decompress a .zip file you will need to have the program installed, unless the file is of the “self-extracting” type.

How is a self extracting file made?

In principle I commented that this type of file is recognized by having an extension .exe instead of .zip. As soon as you double click on it, it will unzip itself, without needing to have the WINZIP program.

Step by Step How to Create a Self-Removable Compressed File

  • First create the compressed file according to the procedure explained above.
  • Once the file is created, click on it with the right mouse button and choose “Create auto-extraible (.EXE)” or, in the English version: “Create Self-Extractor (.EXE)”
  • Give OK to the license information.
  • Also give OK to the following dialog box to create a self-extracting file in the same folder as the original file.
  • Once created, the program will ask if you want to test the new file, say no and close the window.
  • In the same folder you will have the file compressed with the extension .zip and another with the same name but with the extension .exe which is the self-extracting.

Suppose you are going to give a presentation in Power Point and it does not enter a diskette or compressing it, then you can divide it into several diskettes

WinZip allows you to split the file among several floppies

Although almost nobody uses diskettes nowadays, for the doubts I share this information.

  1. Go to Start (Start) >> WinZip and run the program
  2. Click “I accept” in the information about the license
  3. Drag your file (even if it is a complete folder) to the main WinZip window
  4. Where it says: “Add to archive:”, delete it and write exactly following this format (A: \ replacing “file name” with the name of the presentation.
  5. WinZip will begin to compress the file and as soon as the first floppy disk is full it will ask you to insert another one and so on. Remember to label each one with a consecutive number because when trying to unite all the parts, it will ask you to insert the diskettes in the correct order.

To unzip, insert the last diskette and use the standard procedure to unzip.

To finish and continue with the example of the presentation, suppose you take it as a .zip file and the PC you are going to use does not have WinZip installed, you can download a test copy of the software if that computer has an Internet connection, The entire process, including installation will require less than 5 minutes.

The worst situation is that you do not have an Internet connection, if you are a cautious person you will have taken a copy of the program on a USB device.

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