How To Create Stickers For Whatsapp On IOS

How to Make Your Own Stickers for WhatsApp On iOS?

Create Whatsapp Stickers
Create Whatsapp Stickers

The recent update in WhatsApp is stickers. It arrived recently a few weeks back only. But we already found hundreds of “packs” for stickers that you can download to share on the social network. However, it is more fun and interesting thing to create your own stickers.

You can create WhatsApp stickers with the faces of your friends or family, or with a character that you like.  Here we gave you how to make stickers for WhatsApp on your ios device. If you are using an android phone and wants to create stickers then don’t worry.

We have an article created to explain each and every step clearly about Create Stickers for Whatsapp on Android. Just click on the link above and check all the necessary steps to make Whatsapp stickers on your own.

How do I do it? Steps to Create Whatsapp Stickers on iOS:

The first thing you have to do is download a couple of applications that will help you with the task and these are completely free. It is a simple process to make WhatsApp stickers. After creating you can chat stickers for WhatsApp.

1. MagicEraser

Make Stickers for Whatsapp using MagicEraser:

  • Download and Install MagicEraser for iOS from below
  • First, let’s open the MagicEraser application, which will help us eliminate the background of the images we want to use as stickers, and also to convert our favorite images to PNG format.
Magiceraser to make whatsapp Stickers
Magiceraser to make whatsapp Stickers
  • To do this, we have to open the app, and a window will appear with our gallery, so we proceed to select a photo to edit.
  • When we have the photo. We can cut it, select the area that we want to convert to a sticker and click on save.
How to create Whatsapp Stickers
How to create Whatsapp Stickers
  • Finally, export the PNG file directly to our gallery.

Create your Own Whatsapp Stickers with WSTick:

Once we have the image in PNG saved on our reel. We will use the second application, WSTick. Which will convert the image into a compatible WhatsApp file so that it can be sent. Just see the below process to know how to do it.

  • Download WStick for iPhone or  iPad from below.
  • The first thing we have to do is open the app and look for the + icon, it should be noted that in order to export the stickers. There must be at least 3 images.
  • You will have to assign a name, an identification and an author to the icon package.
  • Once you have put the information. You can choose the images you want to turn into stickers. Remember that the minimum must be 3.
Whatsapp Stickers creation
Whatsapp Stickers creation
  • Save and ready, you can import the stickers directly to the WhatsApp app to send them to whoever you want.

So this is the process how we need to follow in order to make your own Whatsapp stickers on ios. Just follow according to the steps and you can make your own picture as a sticker easily.

Hence, now you are ready to make your own stickers as you know the complete process of how to do it. Just simply make sure you are doing it or not. Hope you love the article. Like us and share the article with your friends at social networking sites so that they can also enjoy creating Whatsapp stickers.

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