How to Disable Software Reporter Tool – Solved

Google Chrome: How To Block Software Reporter Tool?

How to Disable Software Reporter Tool
How to Disable Software Reporter Tool

If you run Google Chrome on a Windows computer and monitor the activities that are activated on the computer. You may observe the Software Reporter Tool process eventually. Software Reporter Tool, the executable file is software_reporter_tool.exe. It is a tool that Google shares with the Google Chrome web browser.

It is part of the Chrome that disables software reporter tool google chrome that causes problems with Chrome. Google mentions locks, new or modified home pages, or unexpected ads. Anything that interferes with a user’s browsing experience can be eliminated by disabling software reporter tool.

Google Chrome Disable Software Reporting Tool:

The Software Reporter tool scans the computer unit and reports these scanning results to Google. Google Chrome uses the results of the analysis and makes a request to the user to remove the unwanted software from the computer, as it affects the browsing experience.

There are two main problems with the Software Reporter tool for Google Chrome

  1. When you scan your system it can cause a high system load. User reports go from 30% and more while the CPU is running. Since it can last up to 20 minutes, it is something that can interfere with other computer activities.
  2. The tool informs Google about the results of the analysis. Which will bother user due to privacy rights?

A specialist from the Google community mentioned that the tool scans folders related only to Chrome. But its scope is not exposed to the user in any way.

The Software Reporter Tool is in the following path in Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows:

C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ SwReporter \ VERSION \ software_reporter_tool.exe.

You can the Files of Software reporter tools from the above path in your windows.


Block The Software Reporter Tool:

Blocking access to the program can prevent Google from removing problematic software from the system or informing you about it. You can use other software, to eliminate threats or potentially unwanted programs from the system.

While you can change the name of the executable file or delete the contents of the entire folder, doing like this only offers a temporary resource. Since Google will re-insert the Software Reporter tool in the system when you update the web browser.

A better option is to remove permissions. So that no user can access the folder or run the Software Reporter tool. To do it you should follow the below process

  • Right click on the SwReporter folder and select “Properties” from the menu.
  • Switch to the Security tab.

software reporter tool high disk

  • Select Advanced on the page that opens.
  • Choose “Deactivate inheritance” and choose “Remove all inherited permissions from this object“.


  • Go to apply and in the security message that you throw Windows marks “yes”.
  • Click on “ok
  • Press “ok” again

No group or user should have access to the Software Reporter tool. The advantage of this method is that the tool can no longer be executed and the updates cannot be applied either.

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Unless you regularly encounter problematic third-party software or software reporter tool disk usage that interferes with Chrome, you may not need the Software Reporter tool. Among its problems are high CPU load. There are also implications that compromise the privacy of the user and the computer. Hope you have found the process to disable software reporter tool. Feel free to ask your Questions, We will help you out. Keep Visiting Cracko for More Awesome Tutorials.

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