How To Download TikTok Videos {3 Simple Ways}

3 Simple Ways Download Videos from TikTok:

Download TikTok Videos
Download TikTok Videos

Are you a Tiktok User? Want to download your favorite Tiktok videos on your Mobile? Don’t Worry we provided the 3 best ways to download tiktok videos. TikTok is a social network that combines the essence of Instagram, Vine, and The application is completely free and can be downloaded from the Google application store, the Apple App Store and the Amazon application store. We are in front of the main feed in which we will find the recommended publications for us, as well as those of the users that we follow.

When we access a public profile, we can see the number of followers and the number of hearts obtained by the tiktok user. Same come to be the equivalent to the likes on Instagram. The way that users have to show that the video in question has been to their liking.

One of TikTok’s main sources of income is in-app purchases. Which will allow us to buy virtual gifts to send to other users. A simple operation that we have seen more than once and that repeats the formula of success: fast content, multiple users, and a source of likes or hearts if you know how to mount it. Many people are already into the tiktok world and I have seen many people were asking us to write a detailed article on “How to Download TikTok Videos”. So we are into the request and we are providing the simple 3 ways to Download tiktok videos.

What Can Be Done In TikTok:

When browsing the main feed we found short videos mostly small musical clips. In a residual way, we find some other video of humorous cut, that brings us that memory of what was once Vine. Beyond these testimonial videos, TikTok is a coder of short clips with young teenagers singing their favorite songs in accelerated speed.

And this is one of the attractions of Now merged into this new platform, the accelerated videos. These are videos recorded with the song quite delayed so that our voice can fit with it when the video is later accelerated.

How to save Tiktok videos
How to save Tiktok videos

When accessing the video recording menu, we find several options to do so, the most popular being the fast videos. We can add different effects to the videos, activate a timer, add filters, change the duration of the video. The interface is simple and intuitive, easy to understand by anyone.

In the upper part, we find the list of songs that we can add to the videos, quite well categorized by viral tendencies, global hits, musical genres. Apart from this, we can add songs and sounds directly from our phone. So the possibilities are practically infinite. Now let’s Check how to download the videos form TikTok easily.

3 Different Ways To Download TikTok Videos:

TikTok, which one day was the competition and that has ended up being made with it. It is the most downloaded application in the world by users.  We already told you everything you need to know about one of the most popular applications in the world tiktok, and today we come with more info on it.

We speak of a social network in which thousands of users upload their videos every day. Have you ever thought about downloading yours or those that you like the most? In the next lines, we will tell you 3 simple methods with which you can download TikTok videos. The 3 methods to download tiktok videos are mentioned below

  • Download TikTok Videos On Your Mobile
  • Use Applications To Download Them
  • Save The Videos On Your Computer

Let’s Learn how to download videos from these 3 methods.

Download TikTok Videos On Your Mobile:

The first of all, This is one of the simplest and works the same way in both operating systems (Android and iOS). Let me tell in step by step way to download tiktok videos

  • You just have to enter TikTok and go to your profile
  • where you will find the gallery with all your creations.
  • The process is very simple, play the video you want to save and click on the share button. which is located at the bottom right.
Download Videos from Tiktok
Download Videos from Tiktok
  • TikTok will give you the option to download tiktok videos online on your device along with others like share on WhatsApp, Messenger or even Instagram.
  • You can also download videos from other users in the same way.

This is the simple way to download the TikTok video to your mobile phone directly. Even though if you want to try some other ways to download the videos from tiktok then make sure to check the below methods as well.

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Use Applications To Download Tiktok Videos:

In this method, we will discuss the TikTok video download app. You can also save TikTok videos using other applications. In Google Play you can find different options, but we recommend Downloader for The operation is very simple, you will have to copy the URL of the video you want to download. You will find the option to share it, and paste it in the text box of this application.

download tik tok videos online
download tiktok videos online

The advantages? The download speed is much faster than the previous method. So you will lose little time if you want to make several videos. It is true that it has some publicity, but it will appear at the bottom of your screen and is not intrusive.

Save Tiktok Videos On Your Computer:

In this method, we are going to show you how to save tiktok popular or general videos directly to your computer or laptop. You will also find all kinds of best videos or the most popular users. However, you do not have the option to download videos directly from tiktok on to your pc.

Don’t Worry, We can even download or save the videos with the help of 5kPlayer. Thanks to programs like 5KPlayer, you can save¬†videos on your computer from different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. You can download the videos of all these websites simply with the URL. You only have to paste it into the text box and start downloading.

Save tiktok videos

As we have said, with this program you can download videos from many different sites. So the operation is similar to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. If you want to save videos from your favorite sites, you already know how to do it quickly and easily. Here you will get how to save the tiktok video to the phone as well.


You have already seen that it is really easy to download any TikTok video. In a matter of seconds, you can download the videos you want. Just use any of the three methods which we explained you above and enjoy using them right now. Feel free ask your questions in the comment section. we are here to help you to solve your problem. Like the article and share the article with friends at social networking sites. Stay Tuned to Cracko form more awesome tutorials.

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