Top Best eBay Alternative And Sites Like Ebay {Latest List}

eBay Alternatives: eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces from where you can shop. From the year 1995 eBay has continuously served the customers in many Countries. Earlier when online shopping used to come to our mind the first site which used to strike our minds was “eBay”. But as time went by, the curiosity of eBay keep on decreasing in user’s mind.

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Top sites & Best ebay Alternatives

The reason behind this popularity reduction was high seller fee which led to an increase in products price. Also, bad customer service was also the main reason for which customers started looking for alternatives to eBay. eBay is still renowned these days. But now also customers keep on looking for eBay alternatives.

But they are not successful in finding the apt alternatives for eBay. So today we are going to let you the best alternatives to sites like eBay. These alternatives are renowned and are successful these days with good customer experience and fewer seller fees.

Sites Like eBay – Best Ebay Alternatives

Check a few online sites that are the eBay alternatives like eBay from which online shopping can be done without any hassle. They are different and offer you products at a very reasonable price. These online marketplaces are good in some way or the other where you can sell the products with ease and buy the products with much more ease. The Alternative of eBay is as follows

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • eBid
  • Your Online Store
  • Niche Specific Sites

Now let us look into these online marketplaces from where you can take advantage of their important features.


Amazon started its service by started selling books in sites like eBay. People used to visit Amazon only when they wanted to buy books. It offers you such amazing products that you will severely find in any other marketplace. Also in front of the competition, it is the most famous online marketplace nowadays. The seller doesn’t charge many hefty fees here that is why you get the cheapest products on Amazon. Whenever you search a product on Amazon it has an algorithm where it suggests you products based on your projects you have searched till far.

Best Alternatives to ebay

eBay is mainly an auction platform where people bid and the price is undetermined. Amazon is the online marketplace where the price of the products is defined so you can buy the product in just a few seconds. eBay gave offers which were given by sellers as it did not use to give offers by itself. But Amazon is the online marketplace which gives offers by itself. It gives premium discounts and prime features in which you can get the product in a single day.


It is a new online platform which started in 2005. After Amazon and eBay, it is one of the most renowned online marketplaces. It has a lot of handmade products and various craft designed products. This is really a very good marketplace for all artists who are looking out for some great craft items. If you are looking for some cool stuff and gift items then Etsy is a great place for those. Etsy is a bit different site where only handmade things are sold.

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Etsy is quite cheap than eBay as it charges only 0.20$ for listing one product. This is really very cheap as compared to eBay and Amazon. So just go to this site. It can be considered as a very good alternative to eBay. So try it once. I bet you will have a good experience.


It is a new site emerging at a rapid pace in the online marketplace. 22 million items are there on this site. 40,000 sellers have already registered on this site. There is a wide variety of products going to be sold on this site. Bonanza has no higher profits associated with products so that you can get a very reasonable price for almost all products.

Sites like ebay

eBay supports auction and bidding due to which the price remains uncertain while Bonanza supports fixed price. The product’s popularity is on the rise when they have publicized on other sites also. So you must try this site once as it has really very good feedback.


This site is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a single penny on the listing of their products. Just like a “no frills account Craigslist offers you to list your product without spending a single buck. This is basically a forum where sellers just sell anything without any fee. In fact, on this site, you will get to know about jobs available in the market or in your area regarding your domain. The market range of Craigslist is limited while eBay has a wide market to sell as it is world-wide.

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So if you are having junk at your home or something which you don’t desire any more you can sell it on Craigslist, what can be better than that? In these products are sold locally that means you can meet the seller and assure that the product is fine or not. Also, you get cash in hand rather than an online transaction which has risk associated with it. It is a very good site to go for. Try it once.


It is yet a bit smaller marketplace but it has a large number of products listed on eBid. You will definitely get a product lower in cost as compared to other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. No listing fees are the biggest benefit of this site and just charging 3% commission per product is very low.

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EBid is also a good auction marketplace just like eBay yet. eBay receives a good amount of traffic as compared to eBid. One should go to this site if you like the method of selling on eBay. It is no doubt an awesome alternative eBay.

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Your Online Store

Well, selling on your own website is one of the best parts and if you like to increase the profits. Just build the business, it is definitely considered as a long-term asset. But yes, you might not have an idea of how to initiate. Am I right? Not a problem. As there is a much simpler solution provided here. This means, while your selling from the online store, need to establish your own traffic towards it. Once you are up to the mark and running successfully on the market, no need to bother about the competition as all is your own sales.

auction sites uk like ebay

So you can build up your own brand rather than look into other or competitive online sites in the market. Once you sell on those platforms, the people start spreading all about the brand. As we all know how much power the word of mouth is. As a result, people usually say I got it from Amazon/ I got it from online selling sites like eBay with no mention of the particular seller’s name. All that is ultimately contributing to the marketplaces and their sales.

Niche-Specific Sites

Here we go to Niche-specific websites to sell items online for free that place a huge role among all the individuals. All these are marketplaces where the people sell only one type of product. So instead of large and highly competitive sites, it plays a special role among numerous people.

online selling sites like ebay

For instance, let us consider an example if you are interested in selling clothing,  consider online site postmark. So in this way you can select and redirect to that particular site for outstanding/ highly standard products.


Hence, You have looked at online selling sites and alternatives to eBay. All are good in their own features and style. The interface of all the sites is good enough. You should use all of them and then decide which one is good for you. It depends on you whether you like auctioning or simple traditional method of selling. These are no doubt awesome sites to go for online shopping. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Cracko for awesome articles.

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