How To Encrypt Files And Folders In Windows 10

Encrypt Files and Folders in Windows 10: To begin, security and privacy are two increasingly fundamental parameters for all users who turn on their computer every day. Since the hard drive of this useful device stores a large amount of personal and confidential information. It is very important to keep these documents safeguarded so they can not fall into the hands of any stranger or malicious person.

Encrypt Files And Folders In Windows 10
How to Encrypt Files And Folders In Windows 10

On the other hand, to protect our computer folders there are different third-party applications. But if you use Windows 10, this operating system has an appropriate function to encrypt your files and folders without installations. In this way, you do not need to use third-party applications, as mentioned. So it will be enough to make a few simple clicks and you will immediately protect those documents that you want to protect from strangers.

Also, when you figure a file or a folder, you can specify which users can see its contents. Thus, for the rest of people these documents will be as adulterated and in no way will they be able to open them. It should be noted that the basic versions of Windows, i.e Home, Basic, Single License and Start, do not include encryption functions. But if you are a user of Windows 10, then you will know the different methods that exist to carry out convenient file encryption.

Steps To Encrypt And Protect Files Or Folders In Windows 10:

For sure, the fastest way to encrypt and protect files or folders of a device with Windows 10 operating system is using its own encryption function known as EFS or ” Encrypted File Service “. This function is very simple and will provide excellent protection for all your files. The best part of the case is that it is done in a few minutes with just a few clicks.

You should be very aware that the documents encrypted through the EFS mechanism are completely related to the user account with which they are created. Thus, other user accounts, even if they have administrator permissions will not be able to access locked content. Then it is convenient that you make sure to keep your password well because otherwise, the file will be blocked forever.

Added to this, an encrypted file or folder cannot be read on another PC, whether it is copied, sent by mail, etc. This action is not allowed. That way, if you decide to change the user or reinstall Windows, you will have problems accessing the encrypted document yourself. Keeping them in mind now let’s check the process for doing it.

1. Locate The Folder Or File You Want To Encrypt:

Once you locate it, right click on mouse button on top of it.

how to password protect a folder in windows 10

2. Choose “Properties”:

When you are in the drop-down menu, select the “Properties” option. In case there are several documents, you can also do it by choosing all the files and pressing the “Alt + Enter” keys on your keyboard at the same time. This action will open the combined properties of all selected files or folders.

How To Encrypt Files And Folders In Windows 10

3. Address The Option “Advanced”:

The general tab shows you frequent information such as the size and date of creation of the file. At first glance, the boxes are located to mark a file as “Hidden” or “Read-only” and in the case of the encryption box, it is hidden. To see it, you must click on the “Advanced” section.

password protect zip file windows 10

4. Encrypt Content To Protect Data:

When entering the advanced options, you can now check the box “Encrypt content to protect data”, which you must activate to securely encrypt the desired document.

Now, if this option does not appear, (it is possible that you have a basic version of Windows). Therefore, does not have this support. You can install and update your version of Windows 10 to have these options.

file encryption software

5. Encrypt The Document And/Or The Folder That Contains It:

To conclude the process, after pressing “Accept” in the previous window, it is very likely that you observe a window like this one. It explains that having an encrypted file in an unencrypted folder can cause other people to access its content through temporary files created by different editing programs such as Word or Photoshop for example.

password protect folder software

In effect, it depends on you if you want to encrypt only the document or if what you want is also to do it with the folder that contains it.

Thus, with these five simple steps, you will have totally secure and private documents. Consequently, you will wonder who can see this password protected file and you should know that they are by default visible by the user who has protected them. What ultimately refers to your Windows 10 user.

In this way, you can see that the document adds a lock icon in your preview. Otherwise, you can access the file without any inconvenience in the application you want. However, if you copy the same document to another computer. You will also see the lock icon, but on the contrary, the preview is not displayed. Then it is not permissible to access the content with any application and it is not possible to decipher it either.

Why It’s so Important To Encrypt Documents In Windows And What Are The Risks?

Although it is true, the encryption of documents refers to a process by which certain information becomes illegible. In this way, this information can only be seen if a key is applied previously. Of course, must be known and saved by the person who carries out the process. That is, it will only be accessed by means of a password or code.

However, encrypting documents in Windows is extremely important and since Windows 10 allows to do it easily, why not make use of this beneficial tool?

encrypt folder windows 10 home

Use of Password Encryption

A key example is when your laptop has been stolen. So you face a dangerous situation and even more if the device is full of important files with personal or work information. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to have some way to block it to prevent the thief from accessing sensitive data. It does not matter if this subject resells it, it is valuable that you encrypt your documents just in case.

In the case of businesses and corporations, the encryption of documents is also fundamental. Since all the files that are handled there are mostly of a confidential nature. This is applicable if you own a company that works physically using an intranet among its workers. It is usually important if it is an Internet-based network because there will be many databases that will be all the time in the cloud and of course require wide protection.

Risk of Password Encryption

In reference to the risks presented by these actions, it should be noted that this action reduces the risk but does not eliminate it completely. It is an illegal action in some countries, so if you decide to download, install or use programs to encrypt documents, this would be a crime in itself. With which the police and the intelligence services could initiate an arduous investigation to those groups of those who are looking to protect information. Arriving to accuse you of criminal activity.

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List Of Most Used Programs To Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10:

It is also possible to use a non-native Windows program to encrypt documents on the computer. So, we recommend the following ones that are totally free and open source :

AES Crypt

Compatible con Windows, Mac, Android y Linux.


Write the information in a text file and use the program to encrypt it. Attach the encrypted document in the e-mail and ask the recipient to install the same program. Then it’s just to send the key you used for it.


It has a slight interface, the program makes the encryption service very simple. A detail is that they can only do this with existing discs, not having the option to create new ones. The DislCryptor uses top line algorithms such as AES, Twofish, and Serpent.


Protect the entire unit. It is a very simple and fast method. Since it protects all the files of a unit in just an instant. In addition, it is a more secure method than EFS.


The alternative is known as file compactor. Then, in the same way that it executes the compaction of documents, it can also be encrypted. Blocking the file with the password.


Used as the center of your system. The software is a graphical interface of GnuPG, which uses the encryption algorithm OpenPGP. It was not made to run easily, but as a tool, it is very versatile. You can encrypt your data in HD, data in the cloud, your e-mails and other information of interest.

So these are the other apps which you can use to encrypt your files and folders in windows 10.


Hence, you have explored the process of encrypting files and folders in windows 10 without using any third party applications. The way to use the default encrypter in windows 10 to encrypt your files. We hope you like this article and willing to share it with your friends and families at social networking sites. Feel free to share your thoughts and ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Cracko for More Awesome Tech Articles.

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