How To Add Ringtones To iPhone From Computer

How to Add Ringtones to iPhone:

How to Add Ringtones to iphone from computer
How to Add Ringtones to iphone

Have you ever wanted to add a ringtone to your iPhone and have you given up on not finding the way? Maybe you wanted to put a song as a tone to change the “music” that is established by default?

Apple has chosen to limit the customization of iOS devices quite radically and this makes even setting a song as a ringtone on an iPhone somewhat complicated. But don’t worry we are here to solve your issues. We explain you the way how to add ringtones to your iPhone in some simple ways.

Easiest Way to Add Ringtones To Your iPhone in Minutes:

Changing the font, the way in which the icons are shown on the main screen or moving the position of any item on iOS is impossible (at least without Jailbreak), but with the ringtones, the same thing does not happen. It is quite different in order to change the ringtone in iPhone.

What if I told you that it is possible to use any MP3 as a ringtone on iPhone? It is and in the following tutorial, we want to show you how you can do it in a very fast and simple way. Simply follow the steps which we explained below. Ready to put your favorite song so it sounds when you call your iPhone? Let’s do it.

The Fastest Way To Set Any Song as a Ringtone On iPhone:

The easiest and fastest way is set your favorite song as your iPhone ringtone is by iMazing.

We can even use this software specialized in the management of iOS devices. Thanks to the application it is possible to pass virtually any computer content to iPhone or iPhone to computer without the usual limitations of iTunes.

But this time we are going to focus on a feature that has recently incorporated. That is the management of ringtones.

To set any song or audio as a ringtone on iPhone with iMazing you just have to do this:

Just follow the below steps to set your ringtone for your iPhone easily. Let’s check the steps.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer and run iMazing:

It is recommended that the computer has the latest version of iTunes installed to avoid problems when identifying the device.

Add Ringtones to iPhone

Step 2. Select the iPhone and choose the Ringtones option:

Click on the icon to which you want to send the ringtones in the sidebar on the left and then choose the Ringtones option in the list of actions in the center.

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Step 3. Drag the song you want to use to the iMazing window:

The last step you must take to add the ringtone to the iPhone is to drag the audio file to the iMazing window (if you prefer you can click on the Import button and select the song). You can use any audio file, no matter what format you have, the software automatically takes care of making the conversion to be compatible with iOS.

how to add ringtones to iphone without itunes

Step 4. Set the new ringtone on the iPhone:

Now that the tone is already on the iPhone, all you have to do is set it in the phone settings.

  • To do this, access Settings – Sounds – Ringtone
  • Select the one you just added thanks to iMazing.
  • And that’s all.

how to add ringtones to iphone 6

In this way, so simple and fast each time anyone calls you. The song or audio that you just established will sound.

The classic sound of the iPhone is over. There is no denying that this application makes things much easier for users of iOS devices. At least much easier than Apple does. Even Apple makes thing difficult because of security issues.


I hope this article has cleared all the doubts of you about how to add ringtones to your iPhone from the computer. If you even have some doubts then feel free to ask us. We try to provide you the best solution. Like us and share the article with your social media buddies. Keep visiting Cracko for more Tutorials on your desired topic.

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