{Working} How To Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily

How To Disable Avast Antivirus

how to disable avast

How To Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily: The term Avast is one of the best and popular Antivirus application. Millions of users initiated to use the Avast. The Avast is available for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS. But in these days, Avast is coming up with some issues that lead to turn off Avast anti-virus. And some of the features might be the reason for disabling it. And Many people are unaware about how to disable Avast. Few Applications likely, video programs, drivers and much more important applications are failed to recognize the Avast software.

Such cases, maximum users will always try to temporarily disable avast and once it is decided will uninstall it. The users do not have any option rather than disable Avast that consist of annoying features and can solve the issue. We are here to provide the steps for how to turn off Avast and also the different methods involved in it and also you can get the free avast premier activation code for pc. One can access to the current tutorial for free and check those processes mentioned below in a detailed way.

How To Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily

Most of the users have come up with the drastic decision to disable Avast. It is mainly due to the issues raised at the time of usage. This tutorial provides the different processes related to Avast and one can disable the Avast antivirus with in a fraction of minutes. It consists of various levels of active scanning. One can access to the tutorial and check with the help of different processes mentioned below about how to temporarily disable Avast.

How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily for Specific Shields

The following are the steps to disable Avast temporarily and one can have a look at below steps and follow carefully at the time of turn off Avast.

  • The very first step is open the Avast user interface.
  • Go to settings present and tap the components available on the screen.
  • Then you will get to see the list of the Avast fields.
  • Start disabling the mail shield, file system, web shield and so on which you require to disable.


  • Also, has an option of choosing the amount of time that requires disabling.
  • This is done by clicking on the switcher and it displays four options say stop for 10 minutes, or for 1 hour, else until computer restart and then permanently.
  • The user can choose the period and tap on it.
  • If you get the shield disabled successfully, the switch has to be changed to OFF.
  • You will finally get the message as you are vulnerable.
  • Therefore finally,  you have disabled it temporarily.

how to pause avast

If the user is again interested in enabling the Avast anti virus, turn on which is available next to the switcher turn off and displays in green color. The user also gets the message as you are protected.

How to turn Avast off permanently for all shields

Here we are going to learn about how to turn Avast off permanently. An individual has to disable the complete shields of Avast. The following are the steps for how do I turn off Avast and one can have a look on it.

  • Firstly, one can observe the notification area.
  • Right click on it so that you will get the option list which is very much related to the security suite.
  • Also, search for the option Avast shields control available in the list.
  • One has to choose one of the options as disabled for 1 minutes, or 1 hour, until the PC gets restart, or disable permanently.
  • Then Avast will ask about confirmation with the help of pop-up where one has to confirm it by clicking on yes.
  • So that you disabled the entire shields and get the message as you are in danger. If yes Avast is successfully disabled permanently without any failure.
  • In these ways, one can disable the Avast Anti virus products such as Free Avast Antivirus, Internet security, Pro Antivirus and also Avast premium.

How to Close Avast Game Mode

Close Avast Game Mode

The users usually started reporting as Avast Anti virus is trying to detect some of the computer applications as you run the games. To disable that feature, one has to follow certain steps mentioned below.

  • Open Avast user interface->click on settings.
  • Select components and for performance, scroll down and double click on the slider so that you can change from ON mode to OFF mode.

Disable Avast Sounds and Voiceovers

the Avast has an option of playing the sound as well as using the voiceovers at the time of suspicious or hazardous items attack. Few people are almost vexed up by all these sounds and trying to disable the Avast completely or else not allowing such sounds and voice overs in Avast. Follow the below steps mentioned for disabling the Avast sounds and voice overs.

  • The very first step open the user interface and click on cog wheel to open the settings.
  • Then go to settings and scroll down so that you the option of sounds.
  • One has to click on sounds and expand it for showing the preferences.
  • So that the user can look the option as enable Avast sounds. One has to disable it by dragging into OFF mode.
  • Also, it has the provision of disabling for few seconds. Such that one can block the sounds.
  • To disable the voice overs, search for use voice overs sounds. One has to disable it to OFF mode from Avast.

All the changes get affected once the user disables them precisely. If the user again chooses to enable, go to settings and drag the slider to ON mode where ever you see OFF in Avast. But be careful while doing so.

Steps for Disabling the Avast Temporarily in PC

The user can follow the below steps for disabling the Avast temporarily in PC without any failure even after you have registered with the genuine avast license keys. One can have a look at the below steps.

  • The first step is to go for notification area. Right click on Avast icon so that you can get the options list that appears related to the purpose of security.
  • Click on Avast shields control and select the option such a way depending on the time frame as for how long you are preferring to disable Avast.


  • Once the selection gets completed, will get the confirm in the form of pop-up and click yes for providing the confirmation.


Steps for Disabling the Avast Temporarily in Android

The user can also disable the Anti virus in smart phones through the Android app. And this can be done by two different ways. One is from Android settings and another way is to go for choosing Google play store. Follow the below steps carefully for disabling the Avast.

  • Go to Settings-> Select the Apps so that you get the Avast appearing on the options list.
  • Then Select Avast Anti theft present in the list.
  • Click OK to uninstall the app.
  • And again click ok by confirming the uninstallation process.


Finally, We here provide the four different processes and also the steps for disabling the Avast without any failure. One can access the tutorial for free. If you have any doubt raised, can comment on the below section. Visit crackO for further information any where and any time.

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