How to Make Pie Chart in Excel

How to Make Pie chart in Excel {Complete Guide}:

How to Make Pie Chart in Excel

In Excel, you can perform many types of charts, including what are called pie charts (also known as tarts or cheeses ). So in this article, We are going to explain How to Make Pie Chart in Excel. Excel is the most beautiful tool which can be used as per our requirements. Making a Pie Chart in Excel is even easier. The pie chart in excel will be fully done completely by following the simple steps.

The pie charts are characterized because the entire circular shape represents 100% of the data to be included and it will be divided into different portions, usually of different colors, in which each one will represent a different part depending on the value of each data in particular.

An example of a pie chart in Excel:

Suppose you want to make a pie chart of the total expenses that exist in your home so that 100% is the total of your monthly expenses and then these are divided into different proportions in expenses: mortgage, food, electricity, communications, dress, education, automobile, …

With a pie chart, you will be able to see clearly and intuitively the distribution and the part that each one of these expenses represents in the total amount.

Other examples:

The total expenses of a company represent each of the concepts in which they are divided: Procurements, Wages and salaries, Insurance, Rentals, Communications, …

From the total sales of a company, see what percentage corresponds to each product.

From the total sales of a company see which part corresponds to each of the sellers.

Steps to make your pie chart: See enlarged image.

Now I’m going to show you the best & easiest way to make a pie chart in excel within a few steps. Just follow the steps to make the pie chart in excel.

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet or other blank spreadsheet programs.
  • Write in column A the following headers each in a different cell:
    A1: Mortgage,
    A2: Food,
    A3: Light,
    A4: Communications,
    A5: Dress,
    A6: Education,
    A7: Automobile,
    A8: TOTAL
  • It includes the following numerical data from
    B1 to B7: 500, 250, 150, 100, 50, 50, 100.

Pie chart in Excel

  • In B8, he performs the Autosum of the expenses, whose result is 1,200.
  • Then select the data, for it clicks and drags with the right button of your mouse from A1 to B7, without including in the selection the boxes of the total and its amount.
  • The entire area will remain blue, then go to the Insert tab and then Click on Pie Option.

Excel Pie Chart

  • Click on Circular, choose the 3D Circular Graph.

Making a Pie chart in Excel

  • The graph appears circulating in your spreadsheet representing in each portion of a different color each specific expense. In addition to the right is the legend in which indicates each expense what color has been given in the pie chart.

How to Make Pie Chart in Excel

  • If you want you can move the graphic, for this click on a blank area within the graphic when the pointer changes into double arrows, click and drag it to the location you want.
  • You can also edit the graphic, including the numeric data, change the colors, …
  • That’s it!!! This is how simple it is to

Also in Excel 2007 and higher versions, you have a series of automatic customizations for graphics, which with a few clicks allow you to give an original and differentiated touch to your work with spreadsheets. Even the Quick Analysis tool shows you in a click different possible graphics.

To do this, click inside the graphic, the Graphic Tools tabs will be activated and in Design, Design Styles. You can obtain different colors for the graphic. Or for example click on Presentation, Title of the graphic, Above the graphic, then write on the sign that has appeared on your graph.

The pie charts are very appropriate for use in Dashboards or control panels. Learn now how to create them in Excel: Create a Dashboard or control panel with Excel in the next article.


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