How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android without Root & With Root

Get iPhone Emojis on Android: Would you like to have the iPhone emojis on your Android mobile? Although Whatsapp completely renewed its fleet of emoticons, maybe they still you do not like them. Do not worry, we bring the solution to get the best emojis on your android device.

 iPhone Emojis for Android
How to Get iPhone Emojis for Android

It seems hard to believe but emojis are more than half a century old. A pictographic formula that in turn readjusted the icons of the London Games of 1948 according to the words of Shigetaka Kurita, designer of the first emoji adapted internationally.

And although each year we have more hearts a kind of international system that collects official emojis. The truth is that we are not always satisfied with the design. Let’s see how to install the careful designs of iOS on our Android smartphone easily with rooting and without rooting your device.

Best Ways to Get iPhone Emojis on Android Device

To get the iPhone Emojis on Android, we need to install some apps which helps us to use the ios emojis on android without any issues. In this article, we will explain the complete process to get the iPhone emojis on your android without root an with root. Check the complete process to do it now.

Keyboards and Switches

We start with the simplest ways to change emojis with simple keyboards. They are a kind of skins to alter the appearance of images. Easy on the fly and without the need to root the equipment. You can use this app and enjoy all the ios emojis on your android devices within a matter of minutes.

New Emoji

Cool Symbols emoji app for android

New Emoji is as the name suggests, a plugin to change the appearance of the emojis of Whatsapp. It has three different features emojis to share, a personalized interface and the possibility of inserting emojis in photos directly from the app. This is increasingly common and habitual functionality for years in services like Snapchat.

Get New Emoji app on Android

Keyboard 2018

iOS Emojis for Android

How many emojis fit in a folder? This app brings more than 3,000 compatible for all types of keyboards with skins for the keys themselves, micro input voice and sounds to type. They involve more aggressive aesthetic changes but they also do not forget the usual features of Google. Its powerful word corrector or its predictive writing function.

Get Keyboard 2018 On Android

Emoji Switcher

Emoji Switcher on android

If the sticker emoji does not measure up, Emoji Switcher requires root access but it has the full iOS emoticon package on any Android device. The virtue of Emoji Switcher resides as its name suggests in the possibility of switching between our Android keyboard by default and any other installed.

Get Emoji Switcher app Now

Cool Symbols

Cool Symbols emoji app for android

Cool Symbols has gained popularity over the years. Thanks to its simplicity, Just install and start using it. It does not require customization layers and has emojis from both Android and other platforms not only from iOS but also from custom emojis from other manufacturers.

Get Cool Symbols app on Android


iKeyboard emoji for android

Something magic emjios will have in this app. It is best for thousands of users, the best in its segment. Your strength? More than 1,200 emojis, personalization of keyboards, font types, dictionaries for more than 20 languages, agile performance and classic functions (auto corrector, word search, sounds, gifs, etc.). If none of the above you like, here is the final version.

Get iKeyboard App for Android

How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android without Root

If all we want is to have an alternative to the usual emojis without complicating the head over the account, the method to follow is quite simple. Something slower and less reliable requires installing an external app. Therefore, involves an additional process and a couple of extra megabytes of space.

Even so, it is possible that in some terminals we have to enable the installation of unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources or Unknown sources. And from there we enable this option to install third-party sources.

Now start downloading our previous emojis package and some of the different apps to manage sources like iFont. Once the app is installed, we will go from the three points to the “my sources” section. There will not be any installed, so we’ll have to click on “click here”. We look for the root where the file has been downloaded, the same step as before and paste it.


The file we want to replace will follow the same route. We confirm giving “apply” and “accept as first use”. The validation of the package will take a few seconds. Once the new source is applied, we confirm and leave the app. A message will read “pack theme sources successfully created, please go to the theme manager to select the source”. We give to accept.

Therefore, a final step: we accept. So far we have only installed the emojis, but we have not assigned them as default. Depending on our smartphone, we will be left to the themes or wallpapers. We can find them even by holding your finger on the first screen of the smartphone.

In this way, we will select a new theme to load the emojis of iOS 11. We select it, press “Apply” and a new user theme will be created in our profile. Once applied, we can see the emojis installed, likewise, from any application.

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How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android with Root

But we can still go a step further by installing emojis. This is the most ‘difficult’ method, so to speak but also the most secure and infallible. To begin we need to download a pack with the latest iOS emojis. We can find them in different directories. Both are tested and free of antivirus. This folder contains the images that will replace the originals.

To install them, we can use an app like the popular ES File Explorer or Google’s own Files Go. Surely you have used it to free space and delete duplicate photos.

iPhone Emojis on Android with root

With the root browser active, the next step is to take our file downloaded to the phone. This will be a file with extension “ttf” (Truetype Font), a proprietary format of Apple. In some phones, it will be through files / internal memory/downloads, in others from storage / emulated / 0 / downloads, but not all folders are the same. Remember this.

Once cut or copied, we access the path where the original file is located. That is, system/fonts/ and replace the original one with NotoColorEmoji.ttf. The original source varies depending on the version of Android and the type of device (Samsung, Asus, BQ, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, etc). But all we have to do is remove the original file and use our replacement file.

Then, as a simple security measure, we rebooted the smartphone and we would have the emojis of iOS 11 operative from the Google keyboard and the different social apps. Namely: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Best Applications for Rooting

Finally, let’s not forget, if we want to “be root” there is a handful of applications that will make things easy for us. Here are some:


Framaroot has both the booster version (CPU accelerator) and the function to root and unroot. Both are quite reliable.


Supersu access management to all functions of the phone with superuser credentials.


iRoot also was known as VRoot, which allows us to root hundreds of phones with little knowledge.

Root Master

Root Master same functions with simple follow-up steps. It includes some annoying ads but it is very easy to use.


Odin exclusive tool to root Samsung terminals. Great tool to root an android device.

FlashTool requires superuser permissions. Once you grant access, the rest is based on following a series of simple steps.


Hence, you have learned the ways to get iPhone emojis for android without root and with root. We have explained each and every step in a clear and understanding way. We hope you like the article and willing to share. Please share the article and spread your love by supporting us. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below. Stay tuned to cracko for more awesome tech articles.

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