Kaspersky Vs Norton Antivirus | The Real Truth Revealed

Kaspersky Vs Norton: Kaspersky is fighting a fierce battle against the historic heavyweight Symantec and Norton solution. The match will be played between performance, ease of handling and price, the result looks tight.

Kaspersky Vs Norton
Norton vs Kaspersky Internet Security Comparison in 2019

The Kaspersky Labs Kaspersky Total Security Suite and its technology are still very popular among users. And the controversy of 2017, hinting that the Russian publisher company was transmitting Russian intelligence information, did not start this craze. Confronted with it, the Norton Premium Security suite from Symantec has also been considered for many years as a key security solution that remains an excellent choice.

It is also today the preferred antivirus suite of our fellow PC World. Both protection solutions have both their amateurs. So, how to decide? This face to face compares some key features of these two solutions. Now let’s check the features one by one and come to one conclusion on which is the best antivirus to pick between Kaspersky Vs Norton.

Kaspersky Vs Norton Antivirus – The Ultimate Comparison 2019

As we told above we will now compare all the features of both the antivirus one by one. Comparing the features will make the topic clear in choosing the right antivirus to protect your pc and important files.

Norton Vs Kaspersky: Application Design Comparison

The two interfaces of Norton and Kasperksy desktop apps are clear and easy to understand. Both have adopted a common tile layout on mobile devices.

S.No Kaspersky Total Security Norton Security Premium
1 The first screen has eight tiles representing different “modules” and a More Tools button that gives access to more options.  The application has five categories, also in the form of tiles, each referring to a feature of the application.
2 Access to key features like security scans, updates, and parental controls is a little more direct and fast. But, it also means there are more choices to make from the main dashboard. It takes an extra click to access the key features, but the starting dashboard is simpler since it is limited to 5 categories.
3 User Friendly Interface Mobile & Desktop Apps. User Friendly Interface Mobile & Desktop Apps.

Overall, both apps are easy to use. So, this is really a case of taste and affinity of the user. Our colleagues from many testing centers find that the Norton suite is a little easier to use than Kaspersky’s, and gives Norton Security Premium the edge. But the opposite choice would also be valid.

Winner: Norton

Kaspersky Vs Norton Comparison chart by Cracko


Norton Vs Kasperksy: Performances Comparison

The Norton and Kaspersky suites have responded well to the PC Mark 8 performance test that assesses the performance of conventional tasks. A full system scan when Norton was installed showed that PC performance was slightly better, while with Kasperksy, performance remained more or less the same before and after installation of the suite. The file conversion test with Handbrake gave a similar result. Norton slightly improved its performance, while with Kaspersky, there was almost no change.

Winner: Norton

Norton Vs Kaspersky: The Price Comparison

Norton Security Premium costs 89.99$ a year for the protection of 10 devices. But currently, the price is 49.99$ for one year (instead of 89.99$) and 119.99$ for two years (instead of 179.99$). At this time also, Norton Secure VPN is offered for free with Norton Security Premium at a price of 49.99$ for one year (instead of 109.98$). Note that the offer includes a PC Backup storage of 25 GB and that the suite is available for Windows, macOS X, Android, and iOS.

Norton Vs Kaspersky price Comparison

Regarding Kaspersky Total Security, the suite costs 69.99$ per year for one device, 99.99$ for five devices and 124.99$ per year for 10 devices.

Winner: Norton

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Norton Vs Kaspersky: The Extras Comparison

Kaspersky Total Security is very rich in extra non-standard features. Among them, a password manager, a browser with a sandbox to protect financial transactions, a tool to block unauthorized access to the webcam, a network monitor, a PC cleaner and software update.

Norton has some similar features, including a password manager, a PC cleaner, and PC optimization tools. But Kaspersky offers a lot more extras and all are quite useful.

Winner: Kaspersky

Norton Vs Kaspersky: The Protection Comparison

In the latest antivirus tests, especially zero-day tests and common anti-malware tests conducted in this year, Kaspersky’s and Norton’s solutions scored 100%. In addition, the two suites achieved very good results in the Real-World Protection and Malware Protection tests conducted by the independent Austrian company AV-Comparatives. However, in the Malware Detection test performed offline, Norton Security Premium scored 81.5% against 99.2% for Kaspersky Total Security. Finally, following its tests, the British company SE Labs granted a triple A to both Norton and Kaspersky suites.

Kaspersky Vs Norton

Winner: Equality

Norton Vs Kaspersky: Conclusion

Most importantly, Norton and Kaspersky’s antivirus suites are excellent suites. Certainly, we take into account price, design, performance, and protection, Norton has the advantage over Kaspersky. The Kaspersky Total Security suite offers very useful additional features, but with the same protection as Norton Security Premium, its price is less attractive.

Hope you like the comparisons between Kaspersky and Norton and their difference between both the antivirus. Please don’t forget to share the article with your friends and families at social networking sites and make them know the difference and which is the best antivirus. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to cracko for more informative articles.

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