How to Make a Line Graph in Excel with Pictures 2019

Make a Line Graph in Excel: The line chart in Excel is very useful to show trends over time. Thus be able to quickly identify those periods where there is a growth or a decrease. Keeping track of data with the graphs is quite easy and best to maintain.

Line Graph in Excel
How to Make a Line Graph in Excel in 2019 with pictures

So many people who use excel don’t know how to make a line graph in excel sheets. To make it clear and best for those people we are providing a complete tutorial on how to do it.

Next, we will see how to include a line graph & the creation of this type of graph. Stay tuned to the article and learn all the useful functions of the Line graphs in Excel. Continue reading…

How to Create a Line Chart

To create a line chart in Excel 2013 you must select some of the cells that contain the data and go to the Insert tab. Now press the Insert line graphs button and choose the Lines option.

line graph excel

Immediately the line chart will be shown on the current sheet and you will see a colored line for each series contained in your data. The lines shown will be continuous and will unite the values ​​of each of the data series.

Line Chart with Markers

Sometimes it is difficult to identify the exact value of the categories on the line. So Excel offers us the possibility of adding markers. To create this type of graph you must select the option Insert> Insert line graphs> Line with markers.

line graph template

Modify the vertical Axis Limits

Generally, when creating a line chart in Excel we will have a vertical axis that starts at zero and most likely there will be a large empty area between the horizontal axis and the lowest point of the line. To make better use of the plot area, we can modify the limits of the vertical axis.

making a line graph in excel

To make this modification, start by selecting the vertical axis and press the CTRL + 1 key combination to display the task pane. Go to the Axis Options section and modify the value of the Minimum and Maximum text boxes to adjust the vertical axis to the indicated values.

Remove the Lines from the Grid

All line charts in Excel are shown by default with horizontal lines across the plot area which are a reference to easily identify the magnitude of each marker on the line.

excel line graph over time

However, if the horizontal lines do not help in the visualization of the graphic, you can hide them by clicking the Graph Elements button and removing the option of the grid lines option.

Modify the Width and Color of a Line

By default, Excel creates the lines of the chart with a width of 2.25 points. But if you want to have wider lines you must right click on the line and select the option Format data series. Now within the task panel, go to the Fill section and line where you can modify the width of the line.

create line graphs in excel

In this same section, just above the property Wide, you will find the property Color where you can choose the color of your preference for each line of the chart.

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Add Data Labels

To add data labels to the chart that show the values ​​of the categories. You must click on the Chart Elements button and select the Data Labels option.

how to make line graph in excel

To choose the position of the labels you must click on the arrow that is shown in the Chart Elements menu next to the Data Labels option and you can choose between the center, left, right, above and below.

Change the Style of the Marker

If you have created a line chart with markers. Excel will allow you to configure the type of marker to be used as well as its fill color and borders. To choose a different type of marker than the one placed by Excel. You must select the line and press CRTL + 1 to open the task panel.

how to create a line graph in excel

Within the Fill and line option, you must go to the Marker section> Marker Options where you can select the style and size. In this same section, you can configure both the fill and the edge of the markers as well.


Hence, you have seen the process of making a line graph in excel with a lot of options. You can use any of the options provided in the article to start with. It is your options to make the line graph as you want. We hope you like the article and willing to share the article with friends and families. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Cracko for more awesome articles.

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