Top 6 Best Powerpoint Alternatives in 2019 {Alternatives for Powerpoint}

Powerpoint Alternatives: PowerPoint is no doubt very decent, best presentation and powerful maker software. Till now it is a standard in every business. But yes when you think of variety or if PowerPoint is not working in your system then you should have some backup. PowerPoint has a number of good points that we don’t disagree.

Best Powerpoint Alternatives
Best Powerpoint Alternatives

But if you need some different templates or some outstanding features then you should try some other best presentation software also. Today we are going to know about the best presentation powerpoint alternatives. The software is free as PowerPoint.

Yet they are very appealing and arousing that will make the experience of making 280 slides presentation very good. So let us look at some alternatives to powerpoint has which you can use if you are bored of using PowerPoint project.

Top 6 Powerpoint Alternatives

Well, now let us learn about all the top powerpoint alternatives in a quick overview. these are the best and which does the same as the powerpoint does and with some more features. We also already know that each software has some unique features. Same as that these alternatives of powerpoint below as their own features. Let’s check them now…

  • Prezi
  • Google Drive Presentation
  • Powtoon
  • Keynote
  • Haiku Deck
  • Visme

Start working on it once you are aware of the concept undoubtedly. So are you ready to take a chance, well let us move forward.

Prezi – Best Alternative for Powerpoint

It is very powerful PowerPoint alternatives free software. PowerPoint has its own advantages but the Prezi has gained much popularity since 2009. It is a ppt maker which focuses on motion rather than changing slides. In this software instead of changing slides you just have to zoom in and you will get to know more about a particular subtopic. Businessmen have started moving towards prezi because prezi has the capabilities to make the concept clearer. Another feature which just amazes us about Prezi is that you can get this on the web also.


That means you can do edit and create presentations on the web also with the help of Prezi. This all Prezi is compatible with iOS, Mac, and windows. It is based on cloud computing SaaS. This makes easy for all your presentations to be synchronized with each other. It also allows you to edit the presentations in a single platform while they are scattered over multiple platforms. It is really a very good presentation making software. Test the waters once before giving your feedback. All the best!!

Google Drive Presentation – Powerpoint Alternative

This is a free PowerPoint alternative which is offered by Google which is very exciting. You can make decent presentations and add effects to them using this. You won’t be able to add extraordinary features to your presentations that I accept. But yes this is a very good presentation maker but when your presentation is ready you will be able to present the presentation with the help of the browser. This Google Drive Presentation has its own advantages like you can edit and make the presentations on the web only. So, when many of your friends are working on the same presentation then you don’t need to go physically and do it.


You can log in with your credentials and you all can work on a presentation at the same time. So it is a must presentation making software for multiple users working on a single presentation. It is absolutely free so you don’t need to pay any bucks in order to use this. You can definitely save your time while working with this presentation maker. This is no doubt a very good alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint if you are looking for software which can support multiple users.

PowToon – Best Powerpoint Substitute

It is a very interesting presentation making software and the best powerpoint alternatives. This is really different which you won’t find in any other presentation making software. If you want to make the audience glad about the help of cartoons then you can use this software. This is absolutely free so you don’t have to pay any bucks in order to use them. This software is based on logic “ storytelling” rather than “ fact telling” which is actually used in other presentation making software.


With the help of the story, you can make the audience bind towards your presentation. You can also add some short videos from your Powtoon presentation and then you can use that video anywhere on other websites. So in total, it is a very good Presentation software. It is a unique software which let the concept reach the audience with the help of the presentation. But yes it is available in beta version so you will not get enough templates. So, just go for this presentation making software. This is absolutely great. All the best!!

Now, we have looked at 3 presentations making software which will help us in making the presentations very simple. These will add much more to your presentations. So now these are not enough. There are 2 more outstanding presentations making software which is going to add to your presentation making the experience. Let’s have a look at those 3 as well.

Keynote – Alternatives to Powerpoint Presentations

It is exactly the same as PowerPoint but is launched by Apple. Keynote let you create a very beautiful presentation which you won’t be able to create with PowerPoint. It is specifically made for Mac. In this also you can create a presentation with the help of slides. In this, you can add HD pictures and make it quite interactive and attractive.


This software is connected to iCloud, so you can be able to access your presentation whether you are on iPad or iPhone. Also, you can save your presentations and even if you are sending to another person the other person can open it with the help of PowerPoint in case he/she doesn’t have PowerPoint in his system. We can say this as one of the best free powerpoint alternatives.

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Haiku Deck – Best App Like Powerpoint

It is also an alternative powerpoint software. It is a superb presentation making software for the iPad. You can also access with the help of the internet also. Its interface is very simple and is obviously the same as PowerPoint. You can insert images and text in such a way that presentations look amazing.


Now you can also select very good layouts and some notes on each slide. You can also present the presentation with the help of a browser. This is still available in beta version and other features are on their way. Start using this app. You will really have a very good time making presentations.

Visme – Best Powerpoint Programs

Well, now we are going to learn one of the best powerpoint alternatives none other than Visme. It is a cloud base, drag and drops presentation software available right now. Moreover, offers various tools that help to create not only compelling presentations but also related to infographics, data visualizations, reports, product demos and also other resumes in a detailed way.


We are now ready to use all the templates involved with HD backgrounds and also professionally design layouts providing to the users a deep breathe for all sides of offering powerpoint themes. And also it was usually packed with millions of free images, thousands of vector icons, graph tools irrespective of style and also hundreds of fonts. The Visme allows the number of users for creating virtually of any type of visual content in the custom design area.


So, now we have looked at 6 top alternatives to PowerPoint which are unique in their sense and have outstanding features. Just look for some other software which can be the good option when we are talking about some good powerpoint alternatives free. So, now just go for this software and make your presentation making the experience great. Feel Free to ask your questions in the comment box below and if you like this article, just share the article with friends at social media networks. Stay tuned to Cracko for more awesome articles.

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