4 Best Secunia PSI Alternatives to Download

Top 4 Best PSI Alternatives: Personal Software Inspector Alternatives

Best Secunia PSI Alternatives
Best Secunia PSI Alternatives

Secunia Personal Software Inspector or Secunia PSI is a free tool designed to keep our system up-to-date. When we start it Secunia PSI will perform a scan on our system and detect which of our applications are outdated. It also offering information about the availability of updates which we need to be done.

In this way, without having to constantly visit each of the software pages to update it every time.  Here Comes Secunia Personal Software Inspector which offers us just the information we need and the possibility of updating our applications automatically with little or no interaction of ours.

So in the article, we are going to provide you the best 4 alternatives for Secunia Psi. These Psi Alternatives are very good to perform all the task and keep our system secure without any issues.

Best Alternatives To Secunia PSI for Windows

The below 4 PSI Softwares were the best Secunia psi alternatives. Even these 5 software are the best and free personal inspector software available in the market right Now. Let’s check these 4 psi alternatives for Secunia.

  • Sygate Personal Firewall
  • Personal Inspector
  • System Safety Monitor
  • Norton Security Deluxe

So these are the main 4 free psi alternatives which you can use to secure your systems. Lets know them in detail.

1. Sygate Personal Firewall

Sygate Personal Firewall is not only a personal firewall with many features and very easy to use but also a complete security system for your computer. With this tool, you can protect your PC from the attack of possible intruders and unauthorized access. So, Sygate Personal Firewall makes you virtually invisible to the rest of the local network and the Internet.

alternative to secunia psi


In this way, you can enjoy almost total security and confidentiality in your sessions with the PC. Keeping all your personal and business data well protected. Sygate Personal Firewall performs periodic checks in search of possible intruders in your computer, informing you in case of detecting any and before taking the appropriate measures.

The program is very simple to use and has a multitude of configuration options. Customizable firewall rules, intuitive rule editor, new configuration options, a special console for system information and alert messages, etc.

Download Sygate Personal Firewall

2. Personal Inspector

If you do not trust how your employees spend their time in the office or want to know exactly what your children are doing when they spend so many hours in front of the PC, try Personal Inspector.

secunia psi alternatives

This tool allows you to control all the activity carried out in a computer collecting in log files the web pages that are visited. The information that is entered through the keyboard, the contents of the Clipboard or by taking screenshots periodically.

All collected data remains stored in a hidden directory that can be accessed at any time, even from the local network.

Download Personal Inspector psi alternative

3. System Safety Monitor

System Safety Monitor is a security system capable of controlling at all times the applications that are running on your system and Notifying you. If you wish, the moment they start or close.

secunia personal software inspector

The program runs in the background showing an icon in the system tray from which you can access its main functions. This way allows you to avoid the execution of any type of malicious code, spyware, and others without your permission.

Other interesting options are the possibility of controlling which applications are started by other programs. The management of the applications that are executed when Windows starts or the Windows Registry monitoring, avoiding modifications that are not allowed in certain keys of the same.

Download System Safety Monitor 

4. Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe is an antivirus program developed by the Symantec company aimed at offering comprehensive protection to a team against external threats. This is the company’s intermediate payment service. That is the one that offers more features than the Standard version but less than the Premium.

A program that guarantees the protection of several devices

The first thing that stands out about Norton Security Deluxe is its versatility. In particular, once the license has been acquired, it can be installed and synchronized in 5 different teams. These can be computers equipped with the Windows or Mac operating system, as well as ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ Android, Windows Phone or iOS. It is focused on safeguarding the security and privacy of the user against all types of threats.

secunia psi replacement

In this sense, it is effective against ‘ransomware’, ‘spyware’ and malicious programs of all kinds. Its virus database and its corresponding antidote libraries are updated almost daily. For its part, it also encrypts the information that the user enters to make purchases through the Internet. Further, specialized technical support through a team of experts available 24 hours a day. As if that were not enough, it has a menu from which to manage the protection coverage of all the devices linked to the account.

Download Norton Security Deluxe

Much more than a simple antivirus

Norton Security Deluxe is not only an antivirus but a whole program of protection against the threats we face every day when surfing the Internet. Downloading multimedia files or paying for a purchase in an online store. In addition, the fact of allowing its use in up to 5 devices simultaneously means that the user can manage the security of all their terminals from a single point, which is really convenient and practical.

The fact of always having at your disposal an expert in the field is also a good point in your favor. In short, if you want to avoid risks and not suffer the consequences of a virus, this is one of your best options.


Hence, You have got all the Best 4 Free Secunia PSI Alternatives. You can choose the one which you like the most and enjoy using them. Therefore, these 5 are the best PSI software which you can use on your system to secure it. Hope you like the article. Like us and share the article with friends and at social networking sites. Feel free to get in ask your questions in the comment box. Keep visiting Cracko.

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