How To Find A Lost License Key Malwarebytes

License Key Malwarebytes

recover lost malwarebytes key

Recover lost Malwarebytes key: Well, we all know as the system automatically will get infected due to few malicious sites. This is how encounters while you are browsing for some information, the virus carried with the site will directly target your system immediately. All the viruses likewise spyware, trojan, worms and much more are responsible for all the infected systems. So in order to overcome all the viruses, the user needs to choose well-secured scanner. Here we go with the Malwarebytes anti-malware that acts as a security guard for a system. Moreover, this program spontaneously gives you an alert and in turn receive all the regular updates.

In order to get the software, install from our site provided here. Also can access the various license keys that help you in a more simple way. Well now you have come with an installation and license keys too, but how can you retrieve the key at the time of lost Malwarebytes license? You need not get worried about that particular situation. I am here to direct you. In general, till the Malwarebytes 2.0 version, lifetime license for the software is on the basis of purchase mode, but now it is completely subscription based. For suppose if you have lost the license key available in the form of email, don’t worry. There is a possible way for retrieving license key.

Steps to How Do I Find My Malwarebytes Product Key

Follow these simple steps which might help you very well. Moreover, all these steps are provided in clear and better understandable format.


  • The very first step, the user has to find Malwarebytes keys in the registry by downloading get Malwarebytes registration utility and run successfully.
  • So that it automatically get the ID and the key from the registry with no doubt. You have to take them aside where you can easily go through it whenever requires.
  • Now the next step, you have to find the key with the help of the registry.
  • Move to hkey_local_machine\software\malwarebytes’ anti-malware, so that the user can identify the key and respective identifier on the right side of the page.
  • If it is 64-bit windows software program version, move to the  hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\malwarebytes’ anti-malware immediately.
  • Still failed to solve and could not find the solution for how to find lost Malwarebytes key, then you can try this out.
  • If you have done the cleverbridge Malwarebytes download before, visit cleverbridge and requested to enter the respective email address, which you have submitted at the time of online purchase.


  • So that it crosschecks the whole orders being processed and all the information to you.
  • Also, you can contact cleverbridge customer care center where you’re asked to provide the reference number, date of purchase, email address and so on.



As a result, you can get the process to retrieve my Malwarebytes key without any fail. Hence I guess you are cleared and free enough to recover license key. If you like to share any kind of information, be feel to have a conversation with us. You can comment on the below dialog box. Keep visiting cracko for more latest updates. Thank you for the visit.

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