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What are SolidWorks? How does it work?

SOLIDWORKS is a 3D CAD design software (computer-aided design) for modeling 3D parts and assemblies and 2D drawings. The software offers a range of solutions to cover the aspects involved in the product development process. Its products offer the possibility of creating, designing, simulating, manufacturing, publishing and managing the data of the design process.

History and Evolution

SOLIDWORKS Corp. was founded in 1993 by Jon Hirschtick based in Masachuset. In 1995 he launched his first version of 3D CAD to the market and in 1997 it was acquired by Dassault Systemes becoming a subsidiary of it.

Before SOLIDWORKS Corp. became a subsidiary of Dassault Systems, the industry needed software that combined 3D modeling with the ease of use of the desktop. In 1993, SOLIDWORKS founder Jon Hirschtick hired a team of engineers with the explicit goal of making 3D CAD technology more accessible to everyone . And they did so by developing the first 3D CAD technology that was running on the Windows platform. In 1995 they launched their first version of 3D CAD to the market and in two months the tool gained recognition for its ease of use. In 1997, global technology giant Dassault Systèmes SA acquired SOLIDWORKS as a subsidiary for 310 million dollars.


Today SOLIDWORKS offers a complete set of tools to create, simulate, publish, manage data and manage projects and processes maximizing innovation and productivity of engineering resources. All these solutions work together to allow organizations to design better products, faster and more profitably. Keeping its value proposition associated with the ease of use of the tool, it has continued to create new products that solve specific situations within the product development process, saving time and money. SOLIDWORKS currently presents solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing, design, and analysis, electrical and electronic design, data management, projects, and processes.

SOLIDWORKS in the Product Development Process

It work in the product development process is very specific, the solutions help to accelerate the process saving time and money giving way to product innovation.

When in most companies the value chain is a sequential process in which they need to complete the previous phases to start the new ones, SOLIDWORKS solutions allow taking the process in parallel instead of sequentially, in order to save time and Be able to make better business decisions by creating better designs.

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Solidworks Solutions

SOLIDWORKS offers intuitive solutions for each design phase. It has a complete set of tools that help you be more efficient and productive in the development of your products in all the steps of the design process. The simplicity that is part of its value proposition is decisive for the success of many customers.

The SOLIDWORKS solution includes five different product lines:

1. Design tools to create models and assemblies

2. Design tools for mechanical manufacturing, which automates inspection documents and generates documentation without 2D drawings.

3. Simulation tools to evaluate the design and ensure that it is the best possible

4. Tools that evaluate the environmental impact of the design during its life cycle.

5. Tools that reuse 3D CAD data to simplify the way in which companies create, preserve and use the content for technical communication.

6. Finally, all these tools are backed by SolidWorks PDM to securely manage and control data using a single source of real data from their designs and SOLIDWORKS Manage, a tool that manages the processes and projects involved in the entire product development and is connected to the design process.

All these solutions work together to allow companies to improve the manufacturing of their products and make them faster and cheaper.

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