How to Bypass “This Video is not Available in Your Country” on Youtube

Watch this Video is Not Available in Your Country: Do you want to know how to watch a YouTube video that is blocked in your country? Are facing issues with some youtube videos which doesn’t open in your country. Don’t worry We explain how to skip the geographical lock in case you want to watch a YouTube video that is blocked.

Watch this Video is Not Available in Your Country
Watch this Video is Not Available in Your Country

As you surely know, YouTube is one of the most famous and important online video uploading platforms worldwide (not to mention the most important one). Thanks to YouTube, both companies and individuals have managed to become famous and reach people around the world through their videos. As per the recent surveys, many people are shifting their searches from Google to Youtube.

So in this article, we will show you the ways to bypass this video is not available in your country on youtube. Simply check the methods which we are going to show you. So that you can easily watch the blocked youtube videos at your own place in your country.

Methods to Watch a Youtube Video that is Blocked in Your Country

Although the network videos are global, it is likely that once or twice you have come across the annoying message that announces something like: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”, which means that the channel has not Made this video available in your country.

It’s frustrating, we know. Especially when you’ve been waiting to see that trailer for that new movie or that video clip that you do not want to miss for anything in the world

Fortunately, there are ways to bypass YouTube’s territorial filter and thus be able to watch any video on YouTube even if it is blocked in your country. Keep reading to discover how to do this.

Use a VPN connection to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

The easiest way to dodge YouTube’s territorial filter is to use a VPN connection. This type of connection will let you change your IP address to be able to connect from the server of any country you choose.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country Fix

This means that, For example, if you are in the United Kingdom but you need to see content that is available in the United States. Then you can choose a server from this country so that the machines think you are physically in the USA country.

There are totally free VPNs like TunnelBear or CyberGhost. If you wish you can check our selection of the best free vpn servers list. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Steps to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos using VPN

  • Download any vpn on your system or an extension in the browser.
  • Turn on the vpn and connect to any country other than yours.

youtube videos not available in your country

  • Now just reload the youtube video.
  • That’s it!! the video starts playing and you can enjoy watching your favorite videos.

Pro Tip: Maximum number of Youtube videos are available for the United States. So we suggest you change the country directly to the USA without getting trouble to know in which country the video is available.

Use a proxy server to Watch Videos not Available in Your Country

If you do not want to use a VPN connection then the best option is a proxy server. This function is similar to using a VPN since you can connect as if you were in a different country. However, this option is less secure and does not encrypt your navigation. So normally we always recommend using a VPN instead of a proxy.

As with VPNs, there are free proxy servers but their services are often much more limited than those for payment. So it may be worth paying a subscription. Normally, the server is accessed through an extension of a web browser. You will have to make sure to choose a country that you know that does have access to the content you are trying to see. Or use the above Pro Tip for the available country.

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Download the YouTube Video

If all this fails, you can try downloading the YouTube video and you will be able to completely avoid the imposed territorial restriction. We explain how to download YouTube videos directly from the below process.

Steps to Download Youtube Videos:

As we all know there are plenty of sites available online to download the youtube videos in a matter of minutes. You can use any of the youtube video downloader websites and download the video easily. Let me show you the complete process.

  • Copy the video link which you are facing issue with.
  • Open this link

this content is not available in your location

  • Now paste the link which you copied and click on download.
  • You will see the options to download in different qualities like below image.

the uploader has not made this video available in your country

  • Click the download button beside the quality which you need.

That’s it!! This is how you can download the youtube videos which are blocked for your country.

So these are the 3 best ways to watch the videos that are blocked in your country. Check them and try all the methods which you are happy with.


Hence, you got the best methods to watch blocked youtube videos from your country itself. You can use any free vpn as we mentioned and start watch videos which are not available in your country without any problem. We hope you like this article and willing to share with your friends. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to cracko for more awesome tech articles & guides.

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